How to Minimise Breakouts and Maintain a Healthy-Beautiful Complexion

Here are a few things that probably never crossed your mind when it comes to cleaning your face or minimizing breakouts.
dont sqeeze pimple

Here are a few things that probably never crossed your mind when it comes to cleaning your face or minimising breakouts. Find out what your skin is really trying to tell you and get a shinny figure and a beautiful complexion.

Did You Know?

  • Even if you have dry cheeks you can still suffer from pimples or blackheads. This can be cause by the dye in some blushes or bronzers which can irritate hair follicles. Try using a mineral blusher, like:
  • If you have oily skin then you might find that the glands on your nose tend to become blocked leading to blackheads. Exfoliate twice a week to keep them away
  • Spots on the chin or around jaw line are directly related to hormones, but they can also flare up if you are stressed. Resist the urge to pick and use an exfoliating cleanser first, might choose:
  • A greasy fringe can often trigger a spotty forehead. However, a breakout here can also a sign of a diet lacking in fruits and vegetables, so make sure you get enough of those!

What Do You Really Need to Know:

  • Most spots are caused by failing to remove all the make-up and dirt that can build up on your skin throughout the day, so make sure you cleanse thoroughly.
  • Face wipes only get your skin superficially cleaned so you need a good liquid cleanser to do it, really de-clog your pores. Look for a products that foams up and contains tea tree oil.
  • 12% of the women get acne right trough to their mid-30 and it often flares up two to seven days to your period, dermatologists explain.
  • Don’t pick a pimple as it develops, this stretches the follicle, almost like a balloon being blown up. If pressure is applied in an attempt to squeeze, you will break the wall of the follicle and cause pus to be spread, which can cause infection.

What to Buy:

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