How Hair and Makeup Artists Handle Cosmetic Stains

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It is quite undeniable that even professional hair and makeup artists can accidentally spill some of the cosmetics they apply on your clothes. What’s more heart-pounding is removing cosmetic stains from your clothes might be difficult. Luckily, these hair and makeup artists have already mastered the art of removing cosmetic stains.

Surprisingly, makeup artists claim that removing cosmetic stains is not stressful if you know proper chemistry. If you are using waterproof cosmetics, it is best to counter it with an oil-based stain remover. Meanwhile, non-waterproof cosmetics need an alcohol-based remover. But, this article is not only for hair and makeup artists that are out and need immediate stain removers.

If you are at home and need to remove the cosmetics that dropped on your clothes, here are some of the natural makeup stain removers you can apply. Ensure you pre-treat the stain before sending them to the laundry pickup and delivery service.

Remove Excess Stain

Some of us panic when the makeup or cosmetic product lands on our favorite clothes. When this happens, remove the excess stain with a dull knife or spoon. If you are dealing with dry makeup like powders and rouge, use a lint roller to lift the powder. 

You have to ensure that you are not rubbing into the wipe stain because it will push the makeup into the fabric. This might make the makeup stain hard to remove.

Apply Solution

You can use a white distilled vinegar solution and soak the stained clothes to remove the stain or use the power of the dishwashing detergent. If you want to try the dishwashing detergent, mix one tablespoon of the dishwashing into two cups of water. 

Dip a clean white cloth into the solution and work on the stained area by blotting the stain. Start from the outside edge of the stain and move in a circling motion towards the center.

Gently Dab the Stain

Gently dab the stain to remove any traces of the cleaning solution. If you are finished blotting the stain, you can throw the clothes into the laundry.

If the stain is from a waterproof cosmetic product, applying a small amount of oil-free eye makeup remover, like micellar cleansing water, to the stained area is best. Use cotton or a clean towel to apply the liquid makeup remover and gently dab at the area. You can also find oil-free makeup wipes for a more convenient method.

After removing or blotting the stain, wash the clothes properly. Do not forget to read its wash label instructions to ensure that you are providing proper care. Laundry is tricky. It might be simple to do, but you might cause damage to the fabric and dye of your clothes if you do not read and follow the care label. 

You might wonder how these makeup artists get away with such accidents during events. Well, they handled it properly. Follow these expert tips before sending the clothes to the laundry pickup service.

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