How to Find Beauty Spots in a New Place

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Because of the limited time you have, you may not be able to go to the salon or your favorite clothing store to pamper yourself.

And while it’s okay to set aside your beauty practices during the move, you should then pay attention to it once you arrive. This can mean finding the right nail salons, clothing stores, and many more before and after the moving day.

Below are some tips on how to find beauty spots around your new address:

1. Do Your Research Online

Thanks to the Internet and other websites like Yelp, you can now search for anything on the web, including some beauty-related spots in a new place. Even if you’re unfamiliar with your moving destination, the Internet can provide you with some information about the locations you’re searching for.

For instance, if you’re moving from NYC to LA, you can always tap the Internet and research for the famous beauty stores in Los Angeles. Once you get hold of the search results, pay your attention to the information available online. This may include the specific name of the salon or clothing boutique, their complete address, and contact numbers.

Remember that as long as you have the info you need, it’ll be easier for you to locate your new favorite beauty spots once you move in.

2. Use a Map

You’re probably familiar with the Google Map and some locator apps. These applications can help you get around and find the best beauty stores in your new city. Provided you have Wi-Fi or mobile data access, finding the location using a map will be a smooth process.

And if you’re really unfamiliar with your new city, using a map can serve as your tour guide. And as such, it can help you find your way all over the place and, later on, discover the locations of some of the beauty spots in the city.

3. Talk to the Locals

Another way to find salons, clothing stores, and other beauty-related shops is through the assistance of the locals. More than anyone else, the locals in your new place are familiar with the different stores operating around the city.

Thus, if you want accurate info of where the beauty spots are situated, then talking to the locals can be a great idea. When communicating with them, make sure you’re equipped with the local language to avoid misunderstandings. Also, be polite and friendly so they’ll not hesitate to help you find what you’re looking for.

4.  Walk Around the New City

If you love wandering new places, then walking around the area can also be a great way to find beauty spots yourself. When you do this, you’re able to explore and get yourself familiar with the whole place. You’ll not only find the salons and other beauty care stores in the city, but you’ll also get to know your new home better. Perhaps, you’ll discover the neighboring establishments and other vital areas of the place, thus reducing your chances of getting lost.

5. Visit a Local Tourist Agency

If the new city is big enough that walking around it is rendered impossible, then visiting a local tourist agency can help you find as many beauty spots as you can. Take advantage of this opportunity as you can probably make use of useful information and maps there.

Before moving in with the help of long-distance movers, take note of the address of the tourist agency so you can quickly get there once you arrive at your new location. From there, tourist guides will be there to help you locate the best beauty stores in that local area.


Indeed, relocating to a new place can be a stressful job to do. With lots of preparations to make, you’ll easily get stressed and as a result, forget to keep yourself beautiful and fresh-looking. For this reason, familiarizing yourself with some of the popular beauty spots in your new area can be the best thing you can do after your arrival.

And to do this, keep these tips in mind and get yourself ready to go to a beauty salon to look and feel better. 

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