Hot Fashion Trends for Winter: Tights and Stockings

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And I believe that some useful tips about wearing tights and stockings can’t harm anyone… right?! After all, there are just some tips on how to match them and to be fashionable (with style)!  🙂

As you noticed, fashion trends and accessories are items that change every season. When you were younger you could refresh your wardrobe with a new bag, a new pair of shoes or some colored tights, and wear them with things you already had.
The investment in tights of different colors or prints is a great way to diversify your outfits.

If you choose to wear colored tights you need to know what to avoid: do not fit them with colored dresses with prints. When wearing uniform colored tights, wear shoes in neutral shades.

Mat or Shiny Tights?

Well, the mat ones will make you look thin, but the shiny ones are elegant and glamorous.

Black Thighs or With Natural Color

They highlight you beautiful legs and charming clothes. The easiest way to create a sophisticated image and shine is keeping your feet heated in winter in a very fashionable way: wear a pair of black tights and a long sweater with a glamorous belt.

Be Careful With the Shape of Your Body!

Tights or stockings in strong colors fit best for girls with thin and long legs, do not forget, the thicker legs you have, you have to choose darker colors. If you want to create the illusion of longer and thinner legs, try shades of purple and black plums.
Watch out for prints!

Try to Avoid Big Prints, Horizontal Stripes or Very Colorful Tights

They will thicken your feet and are very difficult to match. If you decide to wear tights with a certain draw, or model, then keep the rest of your image as simple as possible.

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