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More then sure you have been the victim of that impossible to follow diet, and maybe...more than just once! Because you want to lose weight overnight, don't' you?!
Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

More then sure you have been the victim of that impossible to follow diet, and maybe…more than just once! Because you want to lose weight overnight, don’t’ you?!

The rule of the two liters of water per day is holy!
You can use either plain or mineral, but if you get sick of water you can enjoy herbal teas (jasmine for example, has a wonderful aroma and taste, or allows the consumption of tea without sugar).

The careerist type

If you’re one of those who sacrifice their lunch break at work, it is important to eat well in the morning and evening, without ignoring lunch.  You will see that you only need just 5 minutes for lunch, and snacks you can enjoy while working.

8.00 – Breakfast
A salad prepared with a tomato, a cucumber, a green pepper, a hard-boiled egg, 50 grams chicken breast, 50 grams of cottage cheese, and a spoon of olive oil. A slice of bread and coffee.
10.00 – Snack
250 g kiwi
13.00 Lunch
a big box with cream cheese and 2 slices of toast
16.00 – Snack
250 g apples
19.00 – Dinner
Salad with yoghurt dressing: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green onion, black olives, mozzarella 50 grams, 50 grams chicken breast, 150 grams yogurt.

You can fry a slice of rye bread and make small cubes in the salad.
Another variant of the dinner:
Grilled fish or chicken breast with boiled broccoli, or grilled mushrooms and zucchinis over which you pour a little yogurt.

The sociable type

During the lunch break you take advantage of your free time to go out to lunch with colleagues or friends, who work nearby. So it is difficult to keep a diet, because the restaurant can not serve just yogurt . Here is a diet fit for you:

8.00 – Breakfast
2 sandwiches with cottage cheese  spread on rye bread, a hard-boiled egg, or 50 grams chicken breast instead of egg, a salad prepared with a tomato, a cucumber, a green pepper, 50 grams of cow cheese, a spoon of olive oil , coffee.
10.00 – Snack

250 grams pineapple
13.00 – Lunch

A chicken barbecue grill or in oven (no more than 200 grams), a salad of carrots, celery and lemon with olive oil and a slice of black bread.
16.00 – Snack

250 g orange
19.00 – Dinner

Fish or chicken salad: green salad, 100 grams fish or chicken breast, green onions prepared with lemon and olive oil. You end with a glass of yogurt where you smashed a strawberry.

The flexible type

If work at home, or still studying, or have a program that allows you to get a flight home to eat (ideal would be to live across the street from the office, because the traffic might leave you hungry and angry), it is very important to have a healthy diet. Here’s an idea for a diet for you:

8.00 – breakfast
a sandwich with black bread, chicken or turkey ham (50 grams), a tomato, cucumber, green pepper and mozzarella (50 grams), coffee.
10.00 – Snack
2 pears
13.00 Lunch
a soup of chicken / beef with vegetables, a yogurt (200 grams) a slice of bread
16.00 – snack
250 grams grapefruit
19.00 – Dinner
2 slices of black bread with cottage cheese or yogurt and a little green tea.

Dietary trick
Perhaps you would like to see many hundreds of grams lost every day, and therefore you stay with the weighing machine close to bed.
Weigh up to 2-3 days because good psychic help you lose weight  more easily.

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