How to Quickly Regain Your Lost Shape After Giving Birth

Getting your sexy looks after giving birth can frustrating, especially if you are one of those moms who have to spend hours in an office to earn a living.
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You just gave birth some weeks ago. You are so happy that your baby is growing healthy and strong. Unfortunately, you’ve lost your charming looks. What’s left of your stomach is nothing more than a large squishy bubble. The worst part is, it isn’t going away no matter how strict you are with your diet. The point is, getting your sexy looks after giving birth can frustrating, especially if you are one of those moms who have to spend hours in an office to earn a living.

How Pregnancy Changes Your Body and What You Can Do to Fix It

When you get pregnant, the muscles of your stomach are separated to create more room for your baby. Unfortunately, these muscles might fail to go back to the way they were used to be before. This will not only make you feel heavy but will make you look fat. And that is the reason; most women would rather adopt an orphan than have a baby of their own. Luckily, you can always get your body back to the way it was before by exercising regularly. 

In this post, I show you a few tips on how to get back your luring looks after pregnancy without working too hard.

What and What Not to Do

• Find out if your doctor is okay with you exercising. Depending on how you gave birth, it might not be a good idea to exercise vigorously, but it is only your doctor who can make the decision here.

• Start slow and increase the intensity with time. It doesn’t matter how quickly you want your body back. Engaging in vigorous workouts the first time will not only discourage you from continuing but might also result in injuries.

• Give your body time to rest. You can exercise 3 or 4 times a week. Take 2 to 3-day break then continue. Doing this will allow your body to heal after every workout, making it easy for you to maintain.

How to Regain Back Your Lost Shape Faster After Pregnancy

1. 30-Minute Walking

Giving birth does not only take away your good looks but also leaves you weaker. Taking a 30-minute walk, especially during evening hours is one of the easiest exercises that will give you the energy you need to perform other workouts with limited risks. You can start with strolling then build your way up to something more intensive such walking faster on hilly grounds. You can also bring your baby in a stroller to level up the intensiveness and make it fun.

2. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercise is known for a variety of health benefits that includes, preventing heart diseases, improving cardiac function, boosting the immune system and more. A lot of studies have also proven that they can be beneficial to new moms, especially those who are trying to regain their body. It levels up the body resistance, enhances the health of your muscles and the best part encourages your body to burn faster helping you get back what pregnancy took from you.

These exercises also help improve vaginal health that gets disturbed during pregnancy and labor.

3. Abs Workouts

While many exercises will help you burn body fat, nothing will flatten your belly much faster than abs workouts. You can always benefit from a variety of abs workouts such as sit-ups, tummy check and more. However, if you are hoping for quicker results, I would advise that you use an effective abs workout machine. Most probably, you won’t find time to go to your local fitness center. Luckily, you can always have your own home gym. What you need is a perfect fitness equipment for home use. Click on this link to get some few tips on how to choose the right abs equipment for home use and to get some few tips on how you can quickly get rid of belly fat.

4. Light Dumbbells Workouts

During pregnancy, you might be required to eat more than what you are used to. It will leave your arms flabby and leg muscles shaky. Fortunately, you don’t have to engage in vigorous physical activities to tone your body. You can always come out of it by performing a variety of dumbbells exercises such as hammer curls, Triceps kickbacks, lunges and more. What you are required to have is a pair of dumbbells with safety features such as a locking mechanism, durable and most importantly, space friendly. You’ll find more information on how to choose the right dumbbells for flabby arms here.

Regaining back your lost shape is a gradual process that needs patience and discipline.

You can always succeed or go from bad to worst depending on what you do. Before you start, set up realistic workout goals, plan how to achieve them and most importantly, stick to the four tips mentioned in this post. Last but not least, remember to consult your doctor.

So, between changing baby diapers and feeding your little one, don’t forget to take a little care of yourself, too!

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