The Cosmetic Dentistry Trend: Top Three Dental Treatments

The popularity of oral cosmetic treatments is undeniable, could the rise in dental treatment be boosting our self-esteem and health?

There are so many benefits of having a clean and healthy mouth. In recent years the cosmetic dentistry trend has become just as popular as other aesthetic treatments.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Feeling and Looking Better

The appearance of cosmetic dentistry is outstanding as the results from professional dentists is more advanced than ever. Due to the rise in dental cosmetic treatments, a variety of studies have been carried out to see the effects of the trend.

Around 14 million people think that they have bad teeth which accounts for almost a third (29%) of the UK’s adult population. This figure shows that these people know the effect decay has had on their teeth meaning their mental wellbeing could be affected by this negative aspect of their appearance.

Oral Health Statistics

In another study carried out by Oasis Dental Care, many adults were reluctant to smile as they did not want to expose the poor condition of their mouth. 5.4 million people (39% of those questioned, would try to hide their smile or even avoid smiling altogether as they were so ashamed of their damaged or discoloured teeth making them less confident in public. Furthermore:

  • 400,000 didn’t like leaving the house due to their mouths appearance
  • 1 million say their love life has been negatively affected by their mouth
  • 1.4 million don’t speak as much as they would if they had better teeth
  • 2.1 million feel depressed about the appearance of their mouth

With metal health statistics relating to poor oral health so high, surely there is a solution for these problems?

Dental Implants

Dental implants are great for those who are looking for an alternative to dentures. Implants are now one of Hollywood’s biggest must have for celebrities who want a fresh set of pearly whites! Just like the Celebrity patients, dental implants should only be secured by a first class dental physician.

Dental Implant experts at Berkeley Clinic Glasgow recommend that implants are “safe, strong and durable”, as a dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth.

Dental implants are made of titanium, as they are a biocompatible material that your body will not reject, they provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Would straighter teeth make you feel more confident about your appearance? In recent years enquires for clear braces have boosted by 177%! Proving that millennials love cosmetic dentistry.

Straight teeth are something many desire from a young age but may not have the time or money that unattractive train track braces require.

Invisalign, clear braces are a great option for those who want to remove their retainers during meals or meetings. By wearing inviable braces for 22 hours a day users can get their celebrity smile in just six to nine months!

Teeth Whitening

The teeth whitening trend has been around for years, however, if you are a cosmetic beginner, teeth whitening is a great place to start!

If you have been tempted to brighten up your smile avoid home kits! Keep in mind that each patient requires different treatment and for best results, you should see a specialist.

Do not take the risk with a cheap kit as they could potentially permanently damage your teeth.

No matter what procedure you have chosen, it is vital that you get treated by a professional, qualified dentist!  Whether you hate your chipped teeth or want to fill in noticeable gaps or spaces – There is a list of treatments which can be used to enhance your teeth’s aesthetic.

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