Caring for Oily Skin

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Today’s short article is about the ways you can take care of your problematic oily skin. To obtain a quick effect, the first condition is that you follow the whole ritual in a relaxing mood.

Because of your oily face skin, we recommend cleaning your face with hydrating cleansing milk and afterwards wash it with soap and warm water.

The First Face Mask With Cucumber Milk

cucumber milk

1. Apply an acid based lotion on your face, but we also recommend a natural cure, a cucumber milk

2. For 2 minutes expose your face, cheeks, to a hot steam bath. Pour some hot milk into a bowl and stay above it with your head covered with a towel, so the steams can warm your face. You can opt for a plant infusion, but you must be careful so that the steams won’t hurt your eyes.

3. After that, clean your face with water and apply a day cream based on stearate. Apply the cream with slow moves, circular massage.

The Second Face Mask With Lemon Juice and Egg White

The second mask you need to apply, after 15-20 minutes, is a home-made mask, made of lemon juice and egg white. Leave it on your face for 10 minutes and wash it away.

You will apply around your eyes, a hydrating, oily cream. While having the mask on your face, you should apply on your closed eyes 2 wool tampons dipped in warm milk. Relax.

For a complete rest, raise your legs, and put them o a pillow, while sitting in your comfortable bed.

After those 10 minutes, wash away the mask and apply a cold compress on the entire face.

Dry your face with napkins and start the normal make-up ritual, with a hydrating cream, foundation, powder and so on.

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