5 Tips on Managing Oily Skin and Fighting Acne

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People with oily skin can empathize with the greasiness felt on the skin almost all the times. The feeling can be incredibly annoying, especially when it causes other skin deformities such as acne and age spots.

Genetics play a pivotal role in exacerbating oily skin. Besides, hormonal imbalances, hot and humid environment, and many other factors inflame oily skin. Luckily, there are ways and techniques to help you manage the oily skin and acne that comes along with oily skin type. Read further to know these tips.

Use an Oil-Based Cleanser

You might wonder, why an oil-based cleanser when your skin is already fuming with immense oil? Here is the reason: You need to clear oil from your face with the help of the oil. Having that understanding, all skin experts recommend using an oil-based cleanser that is free of alcohol and other harsh chemicals. Ensure that your cleanser is composed with gentle formula only.

Exfoliate Your Skin (Face, Chest and Back) With Lukewarm Water

An oily skin is more susceptible to have a build-up of dead skin cells as the oil comes in contact with dirt which settles on the face. Therefore, it is imperative to exfoliate your skin at least twice a day to keep your skin clean and clear from excessive dirt and oil. Exfoliation will also help in preventing blackheads and acne away.

It is a good idea to use natural exfoliating face packs that will leave your skin feeling soft.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Another significant tip that surely yields results is to drink plenty of water every day. To keep your body hydrated is of profound significance in order to keep your skin free from excessive oil and other premature signs of aging such as acne. Drinking water will help to detoxify your body naturally along with maintaining appropriate fluid balance.

Experts recommend to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Don’t Take Home Remedies Too Seriously

The importance of home remedies is over-rated in the case of oily skin. As per dermatologists, home remedies prove to be beneficial only when proper measurements are taken in the composition. For instance, sugar-lemon scrub is a very popular home-based remedy and is also quite effective in improving pigmentation; however, the proportion of lemon juice used in the mixture should be accurate for effective results. An excess of lemon juice can result into hyperpigmentation, and, therefore, overdoing of the juice should be avoided.

Employ a Hassle-Free Treatment

In the skin care market, you will come across plenty of  acne treatments, and all claiming to be the best. But, of course, not all are effective. Do your own research and even consult a dermatologist if required, but always choose the best acne treatment for your skin. Studies show that if an acne treatment is employed for a prolonged time-frame, the skin becomes acne free effectively. Use a trustworthy brand and make sure you are fully convinced of its benefits before giving a try. Something on the lines of acne treatment by Revitol that promises to be a complete cure for all your acne related issues and has clinical back up too. So, pick your treatment wisely.

The Bottom Line

Irrefutably, you cannot always fight biology, but the mentioned tips should help to keep the oil levels of your skin balanced.

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