When Should You Wear Compression Socks

Opposite to popular belief, compression socks are not just for older people. People of all age groups can wear compression socks as it offers a wide range of health benefits.
side view of young woman legs in compression socks
side view of young woman legs in compression socks athlete running a marathon

Improving the blood circulation in the legs is the primary benefit it provides. The lymphatic system in the legs has to work against the force of gravity to push back blood, lymph, and other fluids back up. 

At times, when you feel a heavy leg or disconcerting pain in the calf muscles, it is mainly because the blood has pooled in the region. When the muscles in the leg are unable to work efficiently enough to send the blood back into the system, it causes a wide range of issues, including muscle soreness, pain, inflammation, and more.

Compression socks assist in developing a pressure gradient across the ankle and calf region. It helps in improving the blood circulation in the area and makes it easier for the veins to channel blood and other fluids back into the system seamlessly. It also helps with reducing fatigue and avoiding muscle sores and swelling. Here are a few scenarios in which compression socks can be beneficial –

Desk Jobs

Most people who have a sitting job can relate to pain in the back as well as the legs, especially in the calf muscles. Over-activity is known to cause pain in the leg muscles, but at times, even inactivity can be troublesome. When you have a desk job and sit all day at work, the veins in the leg muscles tend to get inefficient over time. It makes blood circulation in the body ineffective as venous pressure drops, and veins become incapable of pushing up the blood. If you are feeling heavy in the leg along with slight pain, it might be due to your calf muscles unable to provide enough support to the veins to function smoothly.

Standing for Long Periods

While walking can rejuvenate the calf muscles and increase its efficiency to improve the blood flow, standing for a long time can do precisely the opposite. Standing for long-time can make your leg muscles weak and drop the venous pressure, leading to increased muscle soreness. People in the retail sector, hospitality industry, and other fields, where standing for long periods is part of the job; compression socks can provide that much-needed relief.


Compression socks help with fast muscle recovery for people working out regularly or who engage in heavy-duty physical activity on a day-to-day basis. It is common for regular gym-goers to feel soreness in their leg muscles. Various studies have shown that compression socks reduce fatigue and soreness in the leg muscles. 

Travel Regularly

Sitting for long hours can cause the blood to accumulate in the leg, causing soreness and even swelling at times. It is the same principle that applies to flight travel. If you fly long distances frequently, sitting in the same position for long hours can cause soreness in the leg muscles. It can lead to varicose veins, thrombosis, or blood clots. Wearing compression socks forces the blood out from the veins back into the system. It keeps muscle soreness at bay when traveling on an airplane. 


Compression socks come in several colors, designs, and patterns. You can choose the ones you like as per your style and preferences. You can select sharp and stylish socks for work or pick from the athleisure collection for casual wear. The compression socks don’t only feel good and offer multiple health benefits; it looks stylish and trendy as well.

Whether your work includes sitting all day or a considerable amount of physical activity and standing up, choosing compression socks over regular socks would prove to be fruitful in ways more than one. It improves blood circulation not only in the leg but the entire body and keeps your lymphatic system in the legs to function smoothly. 

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