Can Wine Help Me Reduce Weight? Be on the Know

But did you know that wine is the most widely misrepresented drink? Its mainly associated with almost every human being have committed in this green earth of ours. However, in this article, I will try to decipher and demystify whether wine can actually help you lose weight.

Without having to sound like a biased person, I am of the opinion that wine can be adopted and incorporated into a healthy weight management routine.

But before I do that… needless to say that wine is packed with antioxidants called resveratrol, epicatechin, and quercetin. These compounds are beneficial in lowering free radicals that cause diseases and lowering body cholesterol. On matters promoting weight loss, they turn the “white fats” into “good fats” which is easier for the body to burn.

Whats the Catch?

It sounds simple but complicated than it sounds! There always has to be a catch- some of the best polyphenols that help in weight loss are only found in fruits! In the process of winemaking, most of these insoluble compounds are filtered out.

Let’s not ignore the fact that wine also has calories and may contribute a significant amount to your daily requirements. In essence, if you add two or more glasses of wine into your diet, you are packing more calories into your body. In fact, your doctor may be apprehensive about recommending that you indulge in wine, as excessive consumption may come with detrimental tidings.

However, to all the wine lovers all is not lost. Astudyconducted by Washington State Universityin 2015 indicate that weight loss and wine go hand-in-hand thanks to the earlier talked about compound resveratrol. 

Of course, having a wine rack by the bed may not be the best idea as there’s no real substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet. That notwithstanding, you can also garner a lot from consuming wine because of the following reasons. Let’s go ahead and discuss alcohol and wines in its contribution to weight loss.

Alcohol Metabolism Is a Little Complicated Than You May Think

Alcohol isn’t necessarily a walkover when it comes to mutating into body fat. Immediately you ingest it, your body kicks into working mode to burn it off. At most, around 98 percent is oxidized.  Although alcohol holds a large chunk of calories (around7.1 Kcal per gram ), these calories don’t translate into fats.

A recent controlled study that involved tweaking calorie sources and adding pure alcohol calories showed that it resulted in negligible weight loss and in some instances no gain at all. This is as a result of alcohol’s thermogenic nature. It showed no correlation between alcohol and body-fat conversion.

In another study carried out in 2010, it was found out that 20,000 women who indulged in moderate drinking for 13 years had lower body weights, irrespective of the number of calories in the alcohol.

 Wine Helps Support Healthy Body Functioning and Composition

Moderate alcohol and wine in particular, may support a healthy weight courtesy of polyphenols compounds. For example, the wine’s famous “resveratrol is a  potent compound that mimics body exercise hence encouraging “brown fat” production in the body. As a result, your metabolism rate escalates and aid you to burn the unhealthy fats.

Another important wine compound is piceatannol. this compound is important in countering the formation and development of fat cells. Whereas wine’s ellagic acid boost burning of fats in the liver.

Wine May Not Contribute to Obesity

It has been scientifically shown that red wine specifically elevatesaromatase expression in the adipose tissues. This, in turn, leads to lower weight gain due to increased concentration levels of local estradiol.  Red wine has also been earned a spot in the podium for decreasing adipocyte size, which comes in handy in controlling obesity.

In Conclusion

Always remember that what you drink or eat is usually reflected on the scales.So instead of forsaking the glassof wine,place emphasis on healthyfood choices that support your journey of losing weight. Of course, you can also indulge in a glass of wine keeping in mind that excessive consumption may be counterproductive in the long-run.

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