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Red eyes, irritated and tired can’t be hidden under make-up and unfortunately you can’t wear sunglasses all the time. And even more, if you use cosmetic products in an improper way, you can cause infections and irritations to your eyes. Another thing you should consider: if you wear contact lens, you have to take even more care of your eyes health.

Here Are the Beauty and Health Tips for Your Eyes That We Consider a MUST for You to Follow:

Do You Wear Contact Lens?

  • For choosing the correct contact lens for your eyes, no matter we are talking about colored contact lens or medical purpose contact lens, consult an ophthalmologist, don’t buy them without a specialist’s advice
  • Put your contact lenses before make-up and remove them yourself before removing make-up
  • Get your contact lenses off when you enter the swimming pool, sea or in the shower.

Your Diet Can Help Maintaining Your Eyes Healthy and Beautiful:

  • The risk of cataracts can be reduced by eating fruits and vegetables every day. Green leafy vegetables contain plenty of nutrients necessary for your eyes
  • Antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C, Gingko biloba, magnesium and zinc are known for their beneficial effects on the eyes
  • Eggs are rich in sulfur, lecithin, amino acids and lutein, sulfur is the main fighter against cataract
  • Sardines, cod and tuna can be a real help for treating dry eyes and protecting your vision.

How to Use the Cosmetic Products in a Proper Way?

  • Do not share your mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows!
  • Avoid using the tester products for eyes in stores
  • Always wash your hands before using any cosmetic products on your eyes
  • Keep all the eye cosmetic products away from heat and humidity
  • Don’t use make-up while driving or being in a moving vehicle
  • Watch out of the sun! Use a large hat or a cap when the sun is annoying you. Also, choose a higher quality for your sunglasses lens!
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