Avoid These Mistakes While Choosing Your Outfit

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Well do not worry, we all make questionable judgements and silly mistakes and fortunately it is an event of the past. Sometimes dressing can be an overwhelming experience, where we get confused with all the styles, trends, sizes and colors available and since most of us are not born with professional styling experience, we do tend to make some styling blunders. And this is why we most of us make some questionable choices while picking out our outfits and that too, without even realizing it. 
These mistakes do not necessarily have to be bold or odd choices which may seem peculiar for the occasion but rather it can small mistakes relating to fitting, size or clothing which might not be the best fit for your body type.
In the end, it always trickles down to small details which create a huge impact, so if you want to look at your best, then pay close attention to little things. With that being said, here is the list of faux pas which most of us have been victim to

Going With Baggy Clothes:

There is nothing like a well-fitted outfit that complements your body shape and makes you a standout amongst the crowd. Understanding the importance of well-fitted men and womens clothing is what we need to learn, and people tend to make mistakes when they are either unaware of it are insecure about their body shapes. Everyone looks good the way they are and trying to hide your insecurities about your weight, body type and size under your clothing is not the way to go. At times people out of habit wear outfits that are too big, and which gives them a messy and frumpy and this is not the perception you want to build about. You need to dress smart and wear clothes that fit you well. Wearing baggy clothes regardless of the occasion seems unprofessional and sloppy from your part. It makes you seem too big and highlights your fears. Just remember, when you look good, you will feel good. So, chin up and dress smartly next time.

Selecting the Right Color

One thing that embezzles our mind is deciding on what color to go with. Nowadays there are so many choices available and so many wide spectrums of colors to choose from, which makes our choices even more difficult. Selecting an outfit with a single or dual shade to wear can be extremely difficult when you have a large collection of wear to choose from.

The idea is to select the outfit which goes in harmony with your skin tone. If your skin tone is fair, then selecting a darker color like blue, black or grey would be the best fit for you. You could mix up and try some saturated colors as well. However, for someone with a dark or murky skin tone color, a light color outfit or those with earthly shades such as blue, white should be your ideal choice. It would be best if you avoid wearing too shiny or glittery clothes since they might not be the best cut for your skin tone

Not Having a Plan:

Going on a task without having a clear and overall plan is the most common blunder that we all make. I am sure that we all have had our fair share of experiences where we are forced to go on shopping, all because we need an outfit for an event which is a couple of days ahead. Sometimes, when lady luck is not on your side, and you face unusual delays such as closed shops, limited outfits or the unavailability of size, then panic starts to creep in. You are forced to compromise and settle on choices which you would never agree to on ordinary occasions. This can be a huge problem. And this why before you go on shopping for an outfit you need an overall plan, with time available for any occasional delays as well. Also, to select the best outfit choices, you need to be in the mode to try it on and evaluate, and you cannot do that when you are short on time or have limited time available.

Taking Time to Iron:

We understand you are busy and with so much going on, you do not have time to waste on ironing your clothes. But what you need to understand, your image is very important. And the clothes you wear helps in creating that image. And when you are at your workplace, or a school or at a formal dinner where you want to make a good first impression, wearing out wrinkled clothes straight from your wardrobe would not help with that. So, make sure that you invest in a good iron and take out time for ironing your clothes.

 If you are against ironing, then another alternative to it is that you can invest in a wrinkle-free dryer and washing machine which can wash your clothes in hot water and after drying it up, it leaves you clothes wrinkle-free and in a perfect condition.

Staying Within Your Budget:

We get it, and once you go on a shopping spree, it is unstoppable. And it happens to even the best of us where we lose track of time and money. The thrill and excitement of shopping make us disregard our limits and budgets which we set out. And the idea which has been engraved in our minds lately that price tag of an item defines its quality has not helped either. And unfortunately, it is in human nature, that we find the top hanging fruit the most appealing since it is the one, which we cannot have. Putting it up in the modern context, people tend to stretch out their finances on outfits which they hardly can afford. The outfit itself might be great, but it does not mean that it would be the best fit for you in the circumstances. So, you can cut your coat according to your cloth


Creating a good first impression is all about focusing on small details. And when you are at a job interview, at your workplace, at a date or in a meeting, these little things hold a lot of value. So, when you would want to look at your absolute best, then you need to pay close attention to your outfit and attire since it is the tool which can help you create a strong and positive impact around people

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