8 Myths About Some Common Beauty Tips

We grew older with some beauty tips that we often wonder if they really work or even if they are true or just plain myths.

I compiled some of them in a handy list of questions I often discussed over and over again with people in the beauty industry or even medical personnel. Here are my conclusions:

Can We Shrink Pores?

No, we can’t. Whatever creams are on the market, we need to realize that the size of the pores has been programmed by our DNA long ago, and that can not be changed by any cosmetics factory. Pore reduction can not be done by using astringent lotions or by applying exfoliating products, but an astringent lotion can help to “close” the pores, so they look smaller for some amount of time.

Should the Face Be Washed With Soap?

Perhaps the face should not be washed with grandmother’s soap, but now there are a variety of soap bars specially designed for skin cleansing. These soaps moisturize the skin and thoroughly clean it. Antibacterial soaps help annihilate pimple-causing germs. So yes, wash the face with soap according to your complexion!

The More We Wash Our Face the Better It Is?

The face should always be “polished” as it can backfire! Washing skin excessively will produce too much sebum, leading to pimples. Dermatologists advise us to clean our face only twice a day: morning and evening.

Do We Need a Moisturiser at All?

All girls need a good foundation, a good cleanser, a good gloss, but not all of them need a moisturizer. Why? Because if your face is fat in the T-area (forehead-nose-chin) it is of no use to use a moisturizing cream on those areas. Moisturizing creams are only needed for dry skin, and for girls who have a mixed complexion, moisturizing cream will only be used on dry skin areas.

Should Everyone Use a Tonic Lotion After Cleansing?

The tonic lotion after cleansing should be used only if the face is not “tightened” after it has been applied. If it happens that the face will “squeeze” then you have to give up the lotion. Oily skin requires the application of an astringent lotion, but generally a good cleanser is enough.

Herbal-Based Products Are Better Than the Others?

Not everything that comes from nature is healthy! We can also be allergic to herbal products as we do for ordinary cosmetics. So we need to use products that fit our skin type.

The Brown Residues Remaining on the Cleansing Swab Are Dust?

Most of the time, these brown spots are dead cells and fat produced by the skin to defend itself from the aggressions of the environment. It’s not dust, but if all that rubbish that gets on your cleansing pad remains on your face, it will block your pores and will generate blackheads, pimples. So clean your face twice a day!

Our Skin Will Look Great if We Drink Plenty of Water ?

Unfortunately this statement is at best a myth. Indeed, if you drink less than 8 glasses of water per day, you dehydrate, and so the skin will suffer, but it does not mean that your skin will improve depending on how much water you drink. Even if you drink 2 or 3 liters of water a day, your skin will remain as it is, it will not change, because eventually, no matter how much water you drink, you will not be able to fight against your DNA.


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