6 green leaves that keep you slim

We uncover some of the secrets of plants that help you get rid of extra kilograms.

Sure you heard about herbal pills to help you lose kilos. Why spend a lot of money when you can obtain the same effect drinking herbal teas? All you need to do is drink them with no added sugar.

Green tea

[singlepic id=85 h=150 float=left]It is the “king” in all diets, being rich in amino-acids, iodine, potassium, fluorine, phosphorus, vitamins B1, B2, caffeine has tannins. Caffeine stimulates the metabolism by increasing energy consumption and helps reduce weight by mobilizing fat stores. In addition, it has diuretic effect, eliminating excess water and preventing cellulite. Tannins help to decrease body weight by regulating digestion, accelerate intestinal transit, increases fat burning, and reduce cholesterol. It is recommended to drink two cups a day until 15:00 hour.


It is especially useful when obesity has occurred against the background of emotional disturbances. Contributes to the elimination of waste and toxins. It is recommended as infusion, a liter a day, drinked with 30-60 minutes before meals.

Celery leafs

Are rich in fiber and water, which accelerates the decomposition of fats. Consumed frequently helps in reducing blood pressure and cleans the intestines. Drink 3 mugs of tea a day, prepared from a leaf and about 1 liter of water.


It is recommended to those with slow digestion, menses irregular and hormonal imbalances. But it stimulates gall bladder secretion, eliminates body toxins, is a powerful depurative and a medium diuretic. Drink one cup with 15 minutes before each main meal.


Has the same depurative, diuretics, and glycemia redicung actions. It is said that thins the blood, lowers blood pressure, and remove toxins from the body. It is recommended nettle juice from boiled nettles, about 1 liter per day, cure of 2-3 weeks.


A high strength depurative, stimulates the activity of stomach and intestine, and banishes bloating and stomach cramps and plays an important role in draining fats. Drink 2 mugs a day, one in the morning, one in the evening.

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