5 Reasons Women Are Choosing Coolsculpting Over Liposuction

When it comes to stubborn spots of fat, women have more options than there have ever been before. Liposuction is one of the older options, but lately, many women have begun to take a longer look at the alternatives for something that offers them more. Coolsculpting is increasingly becoming part of the conversation.

Coolsculpting—a treatment that freezes fat just below the surface of the skin and then lets the body dispose of it naturally—is increasingly the popular choice for women who want a slimming solution. It is becoming the preferred choice for many reasons, including…

It’s an Option for More People

More people are safe candidates for Coolsculpting. That is to say, many people are disqualified from ever receiving liposuction due to medical conditions such as bleeding disorders or any condition where blood pressure must be tightly monitored. It can cost money to even find out if a treatment is safe, which is why, for some women; it just makes financial sense to go with the treatment that’s more likely to be a sure thing.

It’s Less Invasive

Coolsculpting targets fat below the skin, but it doesn’t need to make contact with the fat to do that. Direct contact with the cooling device is not necessary, and for that reason, there is no slicing or pressing into the skin. Many women appreciate having an option that doesn’t involve cutting, especially since cutting comes with some pretty significant risks…

There’s No Known Risk of Infection

Something that’s always a problem with any kind of surgery (liposuction included) is the risk of infection. Even a healthy body can have a strong reaction to a surgical event. There’s really no accounting for whether the cut itself will become infected or not, even in cases where the wound has been well-treated. Coolsculpting doesn’t have a known link to any type of infection, and any kind of complication is incredibly rare.

It Leaves No Scars

Another great side effect of the non-invasive nature of this treatment is that it doesn’t leave scars on the skin like a surgical treatment. In fact, there will barely even be any marks on the skin after the treatment is complete. What does appear will probably have more to do with pressure, and any marks will clear up as if they were simply some light bruising within just a few days.

There’s No Downtime

There’s no recovery period for this treatment, unlike liposuction. Resuming a normal life is an option immediately after leaving the clinic. The treated parts of the body don’t need to be carefully managed, though intense exercise may interfere with the effects. For many women, taking it just a little easy for a couple weeks is better than the work of switching out a bandage.

The Better Choice?

These are some of the many reasons that women are choosing Coolsculpting over liposuction. The best option for each woman is a little more complicated than that, but with so many reasons, it’s no wonder more women are going with the non-invasive choice.

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