You Think It’s Ok, but These 5 Habits and Happenings Can Actually Lead to Hair Loss

Hair is a very special part of the body as it isn’t like any other. Our head is covered with our hair so it can be protected, and because of our hair, everyone has his/her style and identity showcased.

Hair loss is one of the problems people face with regards to hair. I bet everybody experiences hair fall in different levels. When hair starts and continues to fall, you are at risk of hair loss.

Are you curious to know why it happens? Or are you already experiencing hair loss? If you are already experiencing it and wondering the reason behind it, you might be thinking that you’re doing nothing wrong, and you’ve bought all the expert hair care shampoos and conditioners out there, yet it still happens. Actually, hair loss isn’t always about the usual causes like aging, medications and treatments. Sometimes, it is also due to some habits or happenings which we think are just normal or are unrelated to hair loss but really are.

To understand more of hair loss, here are 5 of those causes.

#1 – Not Iron Man

Hair loss can be a result of nutrient deficiency. Iron, which is a very essential nutrient found in foods such as beans, tofu and leafy veggies, is responsible in the effective production of proteins in humans’ hair cells. People who lack iron can most likely experience anemia. When there is no or not enough iron, hemoglobin in the blood can be negatively affected in such a way that the production might be hindered. When that happens, oxygen, which is crucial for hair repair and hair growth, will not be transmitted to the cells.  

#2 – Sudden Weight Loss

Whether it is intentional or unintentional, suddenly losing weight can cause hair loss because losing weight is also associated with decrease in intake of essential nutrients. Some intentionally disciplines themselves to lose weight, but if the process or the technique isn’t suitable for your body, you might have a hard time with that. If you’re just going to eat less to lose weight, you will most probably not get the nutrients needed by your body.

Have a responsible and balanced intake of calories and proteins. The body still needs them, so don’t cut them off your menu. Calories are important for body system functioning, and proteins are necessary for hair follicles structuring. Losing weight could be a goal for some, but always remember that you have to know the proper way to achieve it.

#3 – Physical Stress

Maybe you just thought that mental stress is the only stress that can cause hair loss, but it isn’t just that! Whenever the body experiences trauma, shock or distress, the hair cycle is also shocked. Severe illnesses, a vehicle accident, awful stress, injuries and pain are among the stressors that one’s physical body may experience. Because of these, there might be temporary hair loss.

#4 – Hair Pulling

Do you pull your hair often? Or do you sometimes find yourself pulling your hair unawarely, surprised that your hand is on your hair already? Some people might think it’s normal to, constantly or from time to time, hold and pull the hair; it’s not. Irresistibly pulling your hair out could already be a disorder called Trichotillomania. Constantly playing with your hair is one of its signs. Excessive playing and pulling might seem normal and unproblematic, but it’s actually dangerous because you might actually clear out a big part of your hair.

#5 – Styling to the Max

Caring for the hair is very important, however, not all ways you do it is good and healthy for your hair. Styling the hair is such a pleasure, both for men and women. The hair makes you look unique, presentable, neat, blooming and whatsoever appearance you want to have.

Styling is great, but those styles which are not too favorable might cause your hair to fall.

Extremely tight braids, weaves and ties may increase the risk of hair loss. It’s because the hair experiences tension and firm grip. Hair treatments you also avail from salons and grooming shops might also be harmful to your hair. Those used in hot oil, rebonding, curling and other hair treatments used with chemical relaxers might not be suitable for your hair type and scalp condition. The chemicals might be harsh for your hair, and too much hotness is not what your scalp and hair want. They directly get in contact with hair roots, thus, if they’re not appropriate, hair might really get lost.  


Hair You Have It! (Pun Intended)

So there you have it!!! Above-mentioned are 5 habits and happenings which you might see normal and unproblematic, but truth be told, they may cause hair loss. Make sure to keep them in mind, and be responsible while taking care of your hair.

Go and find the best and (if possible and necessary) prescribed hair care shampoos and conditioners for your hair. If you’re going to salons, don’t hesitate to ask the chemicals they use to know if they’re appropriate for you. You can also get a PRP-Hair Regrowth treatment to naturally boost hair growth, reduce hair loss and enhance hair quality; it is non surgical so it’ll be easier for you.

Hair loss and treating it isn’t always just a matter of beauty and treatments; it’s a matter of taking care of your health in general and being more watchful of what you do to your hair and to your whole body.

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