Personal grooming makes you not only look good but feel good and confident. And as you focus on your outside look, your face, hair and general outlook, don’t forget to groom your delicate bikini area as well.

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Your bikini area is a delicate part of your body that requires proper maintenance. There are so many grooming options when it comes to managing the length of hair in your bikini area. It depends on personal preferences. Pubic hair protects your bikini area from friction, injury, and from bacterial infections. You will find the right bikini trimmers to keep your pubic hair at your desired length.

Wash the Bikini Area at Least Twice a Day

The bikini area should be washed regularly to avoid bad odor and avoid breeding of germs. Therefore the area should be washed during normal bathing time in the morning and before you sleep. The bikini area should also be washed well after intercourse. Always use warm water to wash the bikini area. Never use hot water because hot water will alter the skin PH balance. It is easier to wash the bikini area when the hair is trimmed down, shaved or waxed. Long hairs in the bikini area make washing the area complicated. Avoid scrubbing the bikini area because the skin is very sensitive and can get wounded. Therefore avoid scrubbers when washing the area. They can peel off the skin in the bikini area.

Avoid pH-Ruining Products

The bikini area has an optimum moisture, temperature, and specific PH balance. As you strive to keep your bikini area clean, it is important to maintain the PH level.  To avoid skin irritation and infections, avoid altering the PH of the bikini area. Altering the PH makes the area prone to infections. Harsh soaps or chemicals alter the PH of the bikini area. Therefore always use a mild soap and warm water to clean the bikini area. Alternatively, always choose products that are gentle on the skin. Choose products that have the same PH as your bikini area skin. You can buy these products at your local pharmacist.

Keep the Bikini Area Always Dry

Your pubic area should always be dry. Wetness is caused due to bathing, vaginal discharge, urinating, sweating, sexual intercourse or menses. To avoid bacterial infections and bad odor due to wetness, the area should be cleaned after using the restroom and after sexual intercourse. It should be dried well after a wash. It is hard to maintain the bikini area dry when the hair is long. Pubic hair is best maintained short to avoid it being a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  After using the restroom you can use a wet towel or tissue paper to clean the area and keep it dry.

Cotton Panties and Sanitary Pads

Always wear underpants made of cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is non-irritating to the skin and highly recommended when buying underpants. Cotton fabric is breathable and good for your bikini area skin. This keeps you comfortable even when sweating because the material soaks up the sweat. Avoid other fabrics like silk, nylon and synthetic fabrics. Also never wear tight underpants. They reduce air circulation and that increases sweating which increases the chance of infections. Always wear clean and dry panties. Avoid wearing underpants when going to sleep. You can choose to sleep without a panty or use shorts made of cotton because they are breathable. During menstruation change sanitary pads often because wearing a sanitary pad for long can lead to bad odor and rashes in your bikini area skin and can lead to infections.

Keep the Hair Length Manageable

Long hairs in the bikini area is a high potential for breeding sickness causing germs and bad odor and may lead to vaginal infections.  Long hairs make it hard to maintain the bikini area dry after using the restroom. The bikini hair should be maintained short or completely shaved to be able to keep the bikini area dry and clean. If you are new to grooming your bikini area, trimming or shaving once a week is recommended. Always set aside one tool for the bikini area hair maintenance to avoid infections. Avoid shaving during menses as the bikini area is sensitive during this period. For more info visit Trimmer Adviser.

Final Thoughts

Keeping the bikini area well groomed is refreshing for you and your partner. The choice is yours, whether you want to keep your bikini hairs long, trimmed, shaved or waxed. And if you choose bikini waxing, you have a choice between waxing and using the right bikini trimmer. Whether you are grooming your bikini for an occasion or its regular maintenance, remember that not grooming the area properly may pose some health risk. Please consult your doctor in case of a strong odor or anything out of the usual.

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