5 Non-Toxic Ways to Transform Your Hair Overnight

Everyone has had that spontaneous desire to change up their look. Not next week or next month, but stat - now!
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If life has reached a dull phase or the daily grind is getting you down, and you want a way to transform your look overnight, you have effective (and safe) options!

The beauty industry would have you believe that plastic surgery or harmful chemicals are necessary to transform your look, but this isn’t the case.

Firstly, we’re not talking drastic makeovers here. It actually doesn’t take much to transform your look, as you will soon discover. The big transformation comes when you’re able to shift your attitude and perspective towards your looks and emanate that from the inside out. But we’ll save that for another day because no doubt you’re here to find out some quick and easy beauty tips for the outside to give you that fresh sparkle in your eye and step in your foot today. And it all starts with your hair. A fresh cut and a new color can do wonders to lift your look and confidence. Keep reading to see what transformative path to take…

1. Staying on the Fringe of Hair Transformations

You don’t have to do something huge to make a huge difference.

Start with getting a fringe.

Don’t roll your eyes at the quintessential image of a bowl-cut type fringe, badly done. Shape your face accordingly with different cuts and styles.

Complement a round face and reduce the fullness with a thick, side sweeping fringe cut at a very strong angle. These disappear beautifully into the rest of your hair, adding sharp contrast.

Soften a square shaped face and add some lift with a long, heavy fringe that falls ever to slightly to the middle of your eyebrows, or just below. With this cut you can style the fringe to be straight across, pushed all to one side, or part it down the centre and move it to both sides.

With a high forehead or long face, get a longer cut with particularly longer sides, or layered approach which successfully cuts a strong angle from the eyebrow to the cheekbone.

And don’t worry–if you don’t want to actually cut your hair, you can try a clip-in fringe extension. You can try all the styles above for that matter, and see which one suits your face best.

2. Don’t Diet, Dye-It!

Looking for something more striking than a fringe? Dye your hair!  You can find safe, non-toxic hair dye, like henna, that gets the job done. And don’t just dye it a few shades lighter or darker than you have currently. Go for the opposite end of the spectrum.

Currently a dirty blonde? Go black with dark brown highlights.

Want to get away from your chestnut brown mane? Go bright red.

Tired of the ginger curls on top of your head? Go platinum!

There are even lines of bright, bold colours for those who truly want to stand out, colours like bright pink, bright blue, fluorescent green or purple, which will wash out after a few days. So if you are feeling particularly brave, convert your brown hair into rich blue, your red hair into bright pink, or your blonde hair into lavender.

Of course, just the same as the fringe, if you are hesitant to make such a change, or perhaps you have dark black hair and know that a leap to platinum blonde won’t generate the results you want, go with some color extensions to provide dimension and an instant color transformation. This is the ultimate non-toxic way to color your hair (without dying or damaging it!)

3. Extend Your Transformation

On that note, not only can you get clip-in fringe extensions but you can add the layered colour look immediately with ombre or balayage extensions. The popularity of two-toned or multi tone hair color remains.

Put extensions into the bottom of your hair so that you can have dark brown or black on top with platinum blonde underneath or vice versa.

That’s not the only thing you can do with extensions. You might have short hair and long for those days when you could toss a large lock of hair over your shoulder, recreate those days with extensions.

If you’ve lost volume, perhaps you’ve always had thin hair, or maybe you have been a platinum blonde for so long that the hair follicles aren’t what they used to be, hair extensions can be weaved into your existing hair to give you a thicker, voluminous look.

4. Accessorize!

There’s something oh so easy about simply popping in a fancy hair clip, adding a retro headband or scrunchy, or even a cute bow tie to your ponytail, which can make you look younger and more playful. An accessory can provide a quick and easy hair transformation, without draining the bank account or the toxic load of chemicals and harsh treatments.

5. Treat Your Hair to Some TLC

Sometimes all your hair needs is some tender, loving care. Just like we can feel emotional or physically worn down, your hair too can feel and look run down. A moisturizing natural hair conditioning mask can provide a near instant lift and inject some life and bounce back into your hair. You can try you hand at making a hair mask at home using ingredients you have in your pantry, or go down the route of buying a natural, non-toxic version.

All of these options are small ways to get a nearly instant change that completely transforms your look. The best part is you can play around with each in turn, finding the one that produces the new you you are looking for.

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