Don’t Do These 5 Mistakes When Using Your Perfume

Using a perfume has more rules than you think. There are certain mistakes that you can do when you use perfume, but are very easy to avoid, especially if you know what to be careful at.

If you feel that your perfume does not smell as before, or your perfume scent seems to disappear during the day, it might be something that you overlook. Below, I’ve listed some rules you have to follow when using your perfume.

Let’s Review 5 Rules in Using Your Perfume

Don’t Rub Your Wrists

The first gesture that people do after perfuming their wrists is rubbing them. Friction and heat break down the molecular structure of the cosmetic product, making it smell different and shorten its life. Moreover, rubbing the scent on the skin may lead to skin reaction with perfume oils and release a somewhat undesirable odor.

Don’t Apply Perfume on Your Clothes

You’ve probably noticed that perfume smells differently in glass, in tester bottles at the store or on your skin – and this has to do with chemistry. Our body changes the scent, so spraying perfume directly on the skin and smelling it after a few minutes is the best way to decide whether the perfume suits you or not. In addition, fragrances are created specifically for direct application to the skin. Spraying on clothes can cause stains, while some fibers and materials can completely change your perfume scent.

Apply Perfume Only on Hydrated Skin

To help the scent last longer, apply it on the skin hydrated beforehand. You can try to find a cream from the same series as your perfume or one without scent. Do not to combine two scents.

Excessive Application of Perfume

You know, “less is more”. A real Lady should enhance it’s natural scent and be discreet, as men will tell you that too much perfume could indicate uncertainty in a woman. And if you go to an event, try to picture all those excessive scents mingled.. not too pleasant, right?

Don’t Store Your Perfume in Heat or Light

Light, heat and oxygen can cause severe damage to your favorite perfume. If you notice that the perfume you were storing on the table smells a little weird after a while, it could be due to the three factors enumerated above. The ideal place to keep your perfume is in the closet. Always avoid hot places or in direct sunlight.

After these 5 rules for applying perfume, check out where on your body is best to apply it. Great perfume tips collection, ladies!

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