5 Jewellery Trends for Summer Brides in 2018

A wedding is an incredibly special occasion, and a bride always wants to feel stunning on her special day. She may have the dress, the hair, and the makeup, but what about the accessories?

Finding the right jewellery for your special day may seem daunting, but there is jewellery for all occasions and all brides. So what about a summer wedding? There are always trends in the jewellery business that vary by season, so we are here to help out those future summer brides with some beautiful accessory choices for their warm and happy summer wedding.

Oversized Earrings

At New York Bridal Week, oversized earrings made a huge splash in almost every Spring/Summer collection. Once considered cliché, the oversized earrings – drops, hoops, and everything else – have made a massive comeback, and there are some genuinely stunning earrings on the market that are far from cheesy or cliché. Nina Gilin, for instance, offers some beautiful oversized drop earrings, and many other styles. Nearly every bridal jewellery designer out there will probably be crafting their own oversized earrings to capitalize on the trend, so it should be incredibly easy for a summer bride to find a beautifully unique pair for their perfect accessory.


Be it a tiara, a flower crown, or something else, ethereal and elegant headpieces (other than a traditional veil) are incredibly on trend for a summer wedding. Flower crowns, in particular, seem fitting to a warm, beautiful summer ceremony. However, every bride would love to feel like a princess, and tiaras are absolutely popular as well. Brides can find a headpiece of nearly any size or shape or fashion to suit their needs. The perfect headpiece to go with your perfect dress and perfect shoes sounds like a perfect summer wedding.


If you have a dress with a lower neckline or a strapless gown, you might want to consider a beautiful and elegant choker to accompany the gown. Chokers were seen all over the stage at New York Bridal Week, many crafter from the same fabrics and patterns of the dress they were paired with. While this fashion is definitely beautiful, if it is not your style, consider a simpler diamond choker, or a small studded one. Whatever you desire, there is most likely a jeweller who would be happy to cater to your needs to create the perfect choker for your big day.


The classic, classy, elegant look of pearls is making a comeback too, with designers choosing to accessorize many bridal looks at fashion week with a string – or multiple strings – of beautiful pearls. Pearl necklaces are classic and timeless, and suitable for every seasons. Whether you decide if they are right for your wedding itself is up to you, but the subtle beauty of a pearl is a marvel in itself. Finding the right string of pearls to pair with your perfect dress may just make your summer ceremony that much more beautiful.

Statement Necklaces

If big earrings are not your style, and pearls are just too understated for you, maybe you could try a statement necklace. This could be something like a larger, ornate necklace with decadent charm or gem, or something like a batch of necklaces layered together. Both of these are massively trending in the bridal jewellery industry, and could be perfect for your summer wedding, depending on your theme and what you wish to achieve. There are hundreds upon hundreds of styles of necklaces, and choosing how to layer or style them could help you create the perfect, stunning bridal look.

Accessories can make or break your bridal ensemble, so having the right ones and knowing the trends is a great tool for summer brides. These are just a few of the popular trends emerging for spring/summer weddings in 2018, so be sure to peruse and evaluate your options before determining the perfect jewellery for your big day.

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