12 Rules for Being a Fashion Forerunner

Fashion is unique to each individual, but most people want to get a jump on the latest on trends. Then there are the fashion forerunners. The fashionistas who push the boundaries and set the trends before they start.

Are you one of those fashion forerunners? Do you always seem to be one step ahead of the latest trend? Follow these 12 rules and you just might be fashion trendsetter.

Rule #1: Cultivate Your Own Sense of Style – Fashion frontrunners always have a well-cultivated sense of style that becomes characteristic. From head to toe, the look is pulled together and expresses who you are.

Rule #2: Have a Signature Accessory for the Season – Accessories are a great way to look on trend instantly and they can also become your signature piece for a season. Focus on an accessory that’s stylish and practical, like a pair of women’s designer sunglasses in the summer or a scarf in the fall.

Rule #3: Do Something Unexpected – People that stick to the tried and true basics are rarely considered fashion forerunners. All trends look strange at first simply because we’re not used to seeing them yet. Be bold and do something that people don’t expect to see every day. After all, something has to get people’s attention before it can become a trend.

Rule #4: Add a Twist to an Existing Trend – Fashion frontrunners know how to put their own personal spin on existing trends. You’ll look fresh without looking like you’re following the crowd.

Rule #5: Keep Abreast of Current Trends – In order to put your own twist on the latest trends, you have to keep current on fashion and pop culture. Of course, being well versed on the latest fashions is exactly how you reached the point of becoming a trendsetter.

Rule #6: Take Inspiration From Art and Music – Surround yourself in creativity to get your fashion mojo flowing. Fashion is closely intertwined with art and music. They can feed one another and help to establish trends across industries.

Rule #7: People Watch – It’s amazing how much fashion inspiration you can get by watching people as they pass by. Find yourself a window seat at a café in your favorite neighborhood and spend an hour or so observing others. There’s a good chance you’ll see a few things that spark your imagination. If you feel a little weird about watching people don a pair of shades and eat al fresco.

Rule #8: Keep a World Perspective – Fashion guru Christina Binkley notes that fashion trendsetters and designers have a worldview when it comes to their sense of style. They aren’t afraid to set out of their country of origin and comfort zone. Being in tune with the world also helps you tap into trends that people will like.

Rule #9: Share Your Style With Others – Being a trendsetter means being an influencer. The more people that see your style, the more likely your looks are to catch on with others. Consider how influential the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are in setting trends thanks to their epic following on social media.

Rule #10: Keep It Consistent – Your look won’t catch on if it’s a one and done outfit. You have to wear an item of clothing or accessory consistently for it to start becoming trendy among others. Consistency is also important in helping cultivate your personal sense of style.

Rule #11: Trust Your Gut – Too often we let the logic side of our brain overrule our free, creative side. When we’re trying something new we second guess ourselves and start to question how good an ensemble actually looks. Quiet that negative Nancy judging from the back of your mind. Fashion trendsetters know to trust their instincts. 

Rule #12: Don’t Care What People Think – Any fashion forerunner will tell you that other people’s opinions never matter as much as your own. There’s no right or wrong in fashion, and there’s no substitute for feeling confident in your clothing. People are always willing to follow someone who looks confident in what they’re doing.

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