What Is Twiggy’s Hairstyle?

Find out more about Twiggy and why is her style such a trend in our days, and what can you do to copy it!
twiggy’s hairstyle

Well, if wondered from where did all the Hollywood superstars “borrowed” the extra sleek hair and the medium-short haircut, there it is: Twiggy became a new trend setter in hairstyles.

Twiggy shocked the world with her super skinny frame in the 60’s. Also, with her big Bambi eyes and gamine style, but the real revolution started from her tomboy crop, changed the ways supermodels looked. Before Twiggy, models tended to be rich, bouffant society girls, friends with the designers. She changed all this, making it possible for every teenager to see themselves as model material.

Twiggy was the ultimate 60’s fashion icon, and her look is a real symbol for that period. The simplicity of her hair combined with the definition of her huge fake eyelashes and sleek style, gives a very fresh faced feel which allowed this to stand out from the crowd and it is still seen as a statement look today. One of the first models with short, sporty haircut and androgynous cut, Twiggy revolutionized the way people wore their hair and transformed the entire era making a fashion imprint.

Today, elements from her haircut can be seen all around us, starting with celebrities like Christina Ricci with the polished look, the side partings that they promote it as a trend. With her short-cropped mod hairstyle, neat side-part, Twiggy epitomized the streamlined grace that so many mod kids exalted. Inspirational to many fashion followers, Twiggy’s style continued to reign as one of the greatest iconic images, and has returned to hairstyle fashion from time to time through its balance.

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