How to Wear Matchy Matchy Outfits and Look Forever Stylish

When and how can we wear matchy matchy outfits and how can we style them further to look balanced and modern without being mistaken for the disco ladies of the 40’s or 60’s?
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Your grandmother (and probably your mother as well) would have rather stayed home than be caught down the main street without their shoes matching their purses. But the fashion wave washed away the concept of symmetry, color unity and chromatic harmony and pushed a new agenda: color matching (unless you look like a parrot escaped from the circus) is not mandatory anymore and the “matchy matchy” style became the “go” style. In other words, we wear clothes, accessories and jewelry that don’t match, but go together somehow.

Well, you know that history repeats itself occasionally, and the “matchy matchy” style came back to teach us that some classics will never perish. The matchy matchy definition clearly states that matching colored outfits should not be mistaken with monochrome outfits as that is an entirely different style.

Portrait of beautiful blond woman with earring and bracelets. Perfect makeup. Fashion photoGo Matchy Matchy in Formal Occasions

Formal occasions may involve (but are not limited to) business attire, ballroom dresses, elegant evening gowns, cocktail dresses and even fancy business dinners. Remember we said matching shoes and purses or belts and jewelry, matching makeup and accessories don’t necessarily mean monochrome outfits. But in formal occasions matching clutches and stilettos, as well as a matching pearl jewelry set will make you stand out of the crowd. You can click here and get a taste of what real matchy matchy high-end jewelry looks like.

Go for Matchy Matchy Outfits and Play With Color Degrees

fashion outdoor photo of beautiful lady with dark hair wearing elegant coat and silk scarf on head,posing in autumn parkYou don’t have to enter matchmaking frenzy and find that exact nuance of shoes to be identical with that exact nuance of purse or scarf or belt. Play a little with degrees and nuances and you will see your matchy matchy outfit looks suddenly modern and gorgeous, without much fuss. For instance, wear a light shade for a shirt and pair it with a darker shade of the same color for a jacket or a cardigan. Pick matching shoes and skirt (or trousers) or add a few extra elements for a stylish look: a scarf in similar hues, a statement piece of jewelry to match the scarf or the purse, why not?

You Can Go for Matchy Matchy Outfits to Save Time and Effort

Beautiful young woman walking in the city. Fashion.Some women seem to be born with a fashion sense and can make anything “go” even in those early mornings when they are already late for work. Other women like to play it on the safe side and find it hard to think, re-think and imagine all possible color combos in their wardrobes just to get to work or arrive in time at a meeting with their friends.

One matchy matchy outfit that never goes wrong is denim and another color. Denim is timeless and it makes the go-to piece no matter if you have to dress up for office or dress chic for an outing. Think about denim and the second color as a canvas you can paint on if you really want to mix it up and feel the fashion rage. You can add a third nuance with a simple piece of jewelry or a well chosen accessory.

Wear Matchy Matchy When You Want to Look a Million Bucks

4_expensive looking matching outfitsThere are countless of designers and stylists who agree at least upon one thing: matchy matchy makes women look like a million bucks. The reason is that matching clothes, shoes, accessories and even prints within the clothes and the shoes make a psychological sense to people. Color unity transmits a message of tidiness, self-organization, taste and elegance. We are programmed to search for coordination, sense, unity and harmony in this world and a matchy matchy outfit makes us believe that person spent money, time and effort on finding the right dress, shoes, sunglasses or purse.

Wear Matchy Matchy for Bohemian, Retro and Chic Looks

5_retro color matching lookYou may feel bohemian at heart, but you want to wear modern clothes and accessories and not shop for actual vintage. As we said before, matchy matchy evokes the retro style, but the retro has come back and is now more fascinating than ever. It is romantic, laid back, bohemian and incredibly ladylike. So if you go for matchmaking, then remember to wear different hues of the same color and style up an outfit with a retro element, like a polka dot dress, a wide brim straw hat, a knitted cardigan, short stylish gloves, retro sunglasses and so on.

Are you an adept of the matchy matchy style or do you cocktail your colors, textures, patterns and fabrics? Do you love the unity this style brings or do you play more on the wild side?

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