Types of Vintage Pearl Jewellery

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The Pearl has long been considered a symbol of wealth and beauty. This is why so many people have sought to invest in it. There are numerous types of pearls, from antique to cultured to freshwater. Which type you choose will depend on your personal preference.


Antique pearl jewellery is a classic addition to any fine estate jewelry collection. Pearls are often set in gold, and come in various shapes and sizes. The perfect pearl necklace can transform an everyday look into a chic and sophisticated fashion statement.

Choosing an antique pearl jewellery piece can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there is more to a pearl than its lustre. You need to consider the size, shape and material of the pearl, as well as its provenance.

For instance, do you know the difference between a genuine cultured pearl and a fake one? Depending on the type of pearl, a genuine pearl may be worth a lot more than its imitation counterpart.

A small seed pearl is a round, small, pearl that is supposedly symbolic of fidelity and marriage. It is also believed to represent success. These are the type of stones commonly found in antique brooches.

Another classic piece is a pearl drop earring. Pearls are commonly worn during weddings. They can also be used as a decorative touch on your outfit.

During the Victorian era, vintage studded gowns were a popular choice for royalty. Similarly, bangles with seed vintages were common in the Edwardian period.

Today, these pieces are not only a beautiful accessory, but they are also a symbol of feminism. Wearing vintage vintages is a great way to add class and femininity to any outfit. They are the birthstone of June and are often used as a wedding gift.

While antique jewellery may not be for everyone, it is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for a new piece to add to your collection, or you want to buy a gift for someone special, the newest antique vintages are sure to impress.


Tahitian vintage jewellery comes in a variety of styles. There are pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. They can be worn alone or paired with sparkling diamonds. Vintage jewelry can also be a lasting heirloom.

Vintages are generally considered to be valuable. The value of a piece depends on six factors: its size, shape, luster, surface condition, nacre, and the color of the vintage.

Tahitian cultured lustrous stones are unique. Unlike Akoya and South Sea lustrous stones, which are usually white, Tahitian lustrous stones are dark and colorful. Their sultry, rich hues are unlike any other.

Tahitian cultured lustrous stones come in a wide range of sizes. Most are 9 to 11 mm in diameter. However, there are smaller, rarer lustrous stones available. These are usually called Keshi. The shape of a keshi lustrous stone is irregular and is composed of 100% nacre.

These are the only type of lustrous stone with a body color of aubergine. Other colors include pistachio, greenish yellow, and pink. In recent years, baroque shapes have become more popular.

A lustrous stone’s color is determined by its mother-of-lustrous stone lining. Some Tahitian cultured lustrous stones can even approach metallic sheen.

Some of the lustrous stones are dyed after they are harvested. This can help hide any blemishes that may appear. Chemicals can also damage the lustrous stones, so it is important to take good care of your lustrous stones. You can look on sites like https://www.pinterest.com/ for styling tips for this type of jewelry.

Typically, black Tahitian lustrous stones are large, especially compared to other types of lustrous stones. Some black Tahitian oysters can weigh as much as 10 pounds!

Black Lustrous stones are known to symbolize love, affection, and wisdom. They are also said to relieve headaches. 


When it comes to antique oyster gem jewelry, the two main types are natural and cultured. In general, the more common type is the cultured type. Cultured oyster gems are formed by human intervention. This can involve the addition of a foreign substance to the mollusk’s shell. It also involves inserting an irritant into the mollusk’s body.

Natural oyster gems are formed in the wild. These oyster gems can take a decade or more to develop. They are highly valuable and very rare. The largest and most sought after oyster gem on the market is the Golden South Sea Oyster gem.

Cultured oyster gems are formed by humans, and can be made from saltwater or freshwater mollusks. Cultured oyster gems have a smooth texture and brilliant luster. Their value depends on many factors.

Freshwater oyster gems are cultivated in lakes and rivers, and they have a variety of shapes. They are usually less expensive than Akoya or golden South Sea oyster gems. However, they are used in costume jewelry and may be decorated with gemstones.

Another form of oyster gem is the blister oyster gem. These are formed around a nucleus glued to the inside of the mollusk’s shell. Once the blister has developed, it is cut away to produce a domed piece of oyster gem.

Blister oyster gems are sometimes incorporated into antique pieces dating prior to the Art Deco period. They can have varying sizes and shapes, and they can show natural contours around the blister.


Vintage jewellery is not only worth a fortune, but also continues to be incredibly valuable today. The value of a pearl depends on many different factors, including its shape, color and luster.

If you’re looking for a piece of vintage jewelry, it’s a good idea to buy from an reputable retailer. Make sure the retailer is accredited by the Better Business Bureau or one of the gemstone associations. Find out more about the BBB by clicking the link. You can also look for reviews on an independent third-party website.

Pearls have been popular for thousands of years. They are considered a symbol of elegance and prosperity. For decades, they have been incorporated into a variety of clothing and outfits. 

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