4 Ultimate Guide to Picking the Perfect Wedding DJ

Studies show that 72% of married couples wish they spent extra time and effort in selecting the right music DJ for their wedding. If time can turn back its hands, they would go for a disc jockey. A wedding DJ can take your marriage to an unimaginable level.

Your music will determine the kind of emotion your guest will have after leaving the wedding. A great DJ will be able to set a good reception mood and play your favorite songs for the first couple dance. They will ensure your wedding runs smoothly. 

Tips on How to Choose the Ideal Wedding DJ

1.      Carry Out an Investigation

You could have a friend who is a DJ. It can be tempting to choose them to save time and energy. However, choose quality rather than a relationship as the primary determinant. You’re lucky if your friend provides high-quality music. If you do want the friend or the relative, keep things a bit formal.

Ensure you work under a contract, and they know your obligations and your desires.

For you to get the perfect DJ, you have to take your time in looking for them. Attend parties and events, then get the contacts of the DJ in the ceremonies you experienced fun most. Also, you could request your friends to recommend their favorite wedding DJ.Create a list of the recommendations and do some level of personal research on each. What is the attitude of the DJ? What equipment do they use?

2.      Stand Your Ground

Some DJs will want to carry on with their thoughts and not consider what you want. Do not let them. Ensure you communicate what you like clearly for your wedding. You could sense resistance and if it seems hard for them to carry on with your desires. Then, you should continue with your search.

3.      Be Thorough

Ensure you get a DJ who understands your favorites. Let them know your music plans. It will help him understand the song types you want to play to a specific section of the wedding. They should also show the ability to create fun.

4.      Early Playlist Creation

You should give your wedding DJ a compiled list of your playlist at least two weeks before the wedding. It will help them familiarize with what you want. Let them know the songs you hate most and would not want them played. If you do not like a particular artist, ensure you mention this.

You should also be ready to listen to their recommendations. It will make them feel appreciated, hence they will work a little harder. You should get to sit down with your DJ and compare their suggestions and what you want. Get to compile a playlist for the bride precision or couple dance.

Your DJ will be responsible for maintaining a positive vibe and setting a tone for the wedding. When it comes to choosing a DJ, go for value instead of considering just the cost.

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