Tips for Enhancing Your Facial Features

We have all heard “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but let me tell you it is not. Facial features play a vital role in what we say is attraction.
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Now different people have different reasons and approach in enhancing their facial features, and Some change their appearance to enhance their aesthetic qualities, some do it conceal their flaws, for example, severe acne, scar, uneven teeth etc. some may have health issues. Some of us are resentful of the way we appear and are purely inspired from celebrities and imitate them by getting facial feature enhancement via surgeries and gain the desired confidence.

Knowing what looks best on your face has always been a common interest in men and women, they would drool over social media videos to apply the same techniques. In today’s evolving era, there are numerous ways to accentuate facial features, commonly the makeup, natural ways via a healthy diet, facial exercises and Surgical / non-surgical methods.

“Rhinoplasty” is also known as “nose job” in common man words, is one of the popular plastic surgeries since ancient times. It all started in ancient Egypt and India when the Royal males use to alter the shape of their noses to stay fir for the throne. They would graft skin from the live arm or chin and alter the nose, leaving the former skin to regrow naturally with time. Leading Rhinoplasty specialist Dr William Mooney has treated many patients including men and women with sinus complaints, voice and laryngology, head and neck cancer surgery. 

Before we go through different tips of enhancing facial features, you should know you are Good-looking the way you are, Society’s Standards of beauty and attractiveness concepts change.

•    Eyes

The eyes are always noticed first. Accentuate eyes beauty naturally, by consuming healthy nutritious food, such as carrots, fish, etc. and water reflects good eye health. Most of us be doing all the eating right but still feel something is missing, facial exercises or also known as facial yoga can aid in naturally lifting the brows, diminish crow’s feet. Men and woman both find it useful. But another creative way for ladies to enhance your eyes is using eye-makeup. Highlighting your eyes using eyeshadows, eyeliners (to tight line your lash line, boundaries of eyelashes), mascara for the eyelashes to highlight them, concealers under eyes to camouflage the dark circles. Many salons offer non-surgical lash and brow lift treatment. The instant lash lift treatment known as LVL meaning length-volume-lift, in this treatment an aesthetician, lengthens the existing lashes using setting serum and tints them giving them a mascara effect it’s the perfect way to add drama to your face. A brow lift changes an overall appearance and self-confidence of a person, be it male or female. In a brow lift, dermal fillers are used around the eye area, under the brows to give a more revitalized look. Before deciding upon surgical or non-surgical procedures always make sure you do your homework and ask as many questions as you can from the expert.

•    Nose

The nose is centrally located on the face, its size, shape and structure affect the overall facial attractiveness significantly. Many are quite sensitive about the way their nose looks. If you have dry skin you are on the lucky side, compared to people with oily skin, they would always have trouble with blackheads on their nose, which is not very pleasing to the eye if not taken care of. Many saloons for men and women both offer facials, even safe waxes to get rid of black and whiteheads. We have to agree noses come in different size and shapes for which women can easily take the support of makeup by contouring their nose, giving an illusion effect to appear slimmer and longer. Men should not feel left behind, and they have the options in rhinoplasty as mentioned above to modify and beautify their nose appearance. Always take an experts opinion, do not do anything drastic. It should not come as a surprise that there is facial exercise to tone your nose. Dermal fillers can be used to add volume and structure to the cheekbones and temples to give more of a heart-shaped curve to the face. Facial implants, a more permanent solution, can be used to do the same for the cheekbones, although if a person loses weight drastically, these implants may become visible.

•    Cheeks

Amongst all facial feature, the cheeks add a beautiful balance to the whole face. Good skin regime is vital for the overall appearance. Poor diet and dehydration can reflect a poor personality of an individual. With basic skin care of keeping your skin moisturized at all times reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Staying away from direct sunlight or applying sunblock if you have to go out in the heat can also protect the skin from damage. Aesthetician’s advice to have facial once a month, oxygen facials, chemical peel, remove the dead skin which accumulates over time, rejuvenating, keep skin in an even healthy tone. High cheekbones make a person look young. Ladies with broad jawlines can contour their cheeks for a more balanced appearance. In today’s day and age, accentuating jawline, chin, cheeks has become a great demand. Derma fillers are widely used across the globe by men and women to change their appearance and develop a more refreshed look. More detailed cosmetic surgeries are also done to shape the skeletal structure of the face. Not everyone can have access to such surgical / non-surgical treatments may try the natural method of mewing to change the structure of their jawline with time. Facial yoga exercises for the cheeks and chin also aid in keeping your skin tight prevent it from sagging, thus looking young and firm. We cannot forget about makeup, how the correct use of blush-on, highlighters and bronzers affect the shape of a face.

•    Lips

Owning plumpy fuller lips is the new trend. Who does not love to show off their pout in their selfies? Ladies love to have fuller plumpy lips. If you are lucky to be blessed with fuller lips, you might just want to keep them that way by looking after it. Lips have very delicate and thin skin and easily dry up when the weather is dry, or you are dehydrated. Lip care is essential for both sexes. Just like the whole face needs exfoliation to remove the dead skin, so does lips. Moistening them with petroleum jelly or coconut oil through the night and the scrubbing off the chapped skin with an old toothbrush by applying sugar and honey paste. All the rubbing on the lips would increase the oxygen flow in the lips, hence making them all red and plumpy. Anyone having thin lips might want to use lip liners to outline their lips a little over the natural lip line. Lip liners of the same colour that of the lipstick is best. After the outline, fill the inside of the lips and giving it a last touch of gloss. Many vegan brands make lip gloss forlLuscious lips by using all-natural ingredients. As we learnt about fillers for eyebrows, under eyes, cheeks and chin, there is something for lips too, lip augmentation used mostly by many women celebrities to have those sensational full lips. The procedure involves injecting “hyaluronic acid fillers, which increases the volume and structure of the lips. Before going through any such procedures, one should research its pros and cons and discuss with an experienced expert to avoid any risks. 

Final Thought

Some hairstyles and hair colour also add up to accentuate your facial features. Choosing the right hairstyle may make you appear youthful against an old face. After all, your hair is your crowning glory. Beauty gets appreciated at every corner of the globe. It is all about being confident, which is achieved when you look your best.

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