How to Remove Fat From Your Buttocks Without Having to Undergo Surgery

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Many people would like to change their body shapes or rid themselves of unsightly bulges. Very often these areas may be almost unnoticeable to other people but perhaps to you it is something that has bothered you for some time. Maybe you have tried personal trainers and different exercise routines and that area still won’t budge.

Surgery is always a last resort and these days with modern procedures you don’t have to think about going under the knife to achieve the look you want. If you have tried exercise and diet and still can’t change the way your thighs or buttocks look then there are other options you can consider.

The Dreaded Banana Roll

If you don’t know this nickname then this is the term sometimes given to the area of fat that affects the thigh and buttock area. It can affect men but it seems to mostly affect women. This is because of how males and females have fat deposited on their bodies. Men can often be described as apple shaped (as in round) due to extra fat on their chests, stomachs and buttocks. With women they are sometimes described as pear shaped due to fat being distributed to the chest and buttock areas plus the waist and hips.

Whatever shape you might be there are ways to change it if you want to. The banana roll is the extra roll of fat that can develop underneath the buttock area at the top of the thigh. It is often visible by wearing jeans and many people seek to get rid of this.

How Can You Remove Buttock Fat Without Surgery?

There are many non-surgical treatments and procedures on the market now that can help you to reduce or destroy fat cells in many areas of your body. These procedures do not just deal with buttocks but can be used to rid yourself of love handles or a double chin.

For getting rid of excess fat on your buttocks you could consider fat freezing. This procedure is also known as CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis. This technique will freeze, reduce and eliminate fat cells in specifically targeted areas. You can visit a clinic and ask them to target any problem area you have including the buttocks.

How Does Cryolipolysis Work?

If you are looking to freeze your butt off, in a good way, then cryolipolysis might be the choice for you. Like any medical procedure there are some risks of side effects and these will be explained later. For now you should understand how this procedure works.

The practitioner of cryolipolysis will use an applicator along with a gel to cool your skin. This applicator vacuums the area being treated and lowers the temperature of the fat cells until they freeze and reduce in size. The treatment may last up to an hour with modern applicators or up to 2 hours with the older style versions. Some areas may only take 30 minutes. It will depend on the size of the area being treated.

After you have had the treatment the fat cells that were frozen will die off. Your body will get rid of these cells through natural means over time and after a few weeks you will start to see the full results.

How Long Does It Take to Recover and Then See the Results?

Recovery time for non-surgical fat removal is minimal. There is no reason that a patient cannot leave the clinic or med spa straight after their procedure and just carry on their lives as if nothing had happened. There are no cuts and no drugs used in the procedure so there is no real recovery time.

If anyone says there is a recovery time with fat freezing then they may be referring to the time it takes for the body to show the results of the procedure. After the treatment ends and the fat cells start being eliminated by the body there is a period of time before they are all removed and the body shows off the full effects of the cryolipolysis procedure.

Dr. Soni does cryolipolysis on the buttock area and would advise that it can take from 6-12 weeks for the full results to show up. Some people report being able to see differences in their mirror almost immediately but it can take a few weeks for the full results to appear. This is why you should wait before choosing to have a second treatment.

How Many Treatments Would You Need to Remove Fat From Your Buttocks?

The chances are if you chose to use cryolipolysis to reduce the fat in your buttock or thigh area you would need only one or two sessions. The perfect person or candidate for freezing would be around 5-15 pound off their ideal weight. They would likely only need one session to remove whatever bulge or stubborn area of fat they didn’t like. Your practitioner will be able to discuss with you your plan and how many sessions it may take before you reach your ideal appearance.

How Often Should You Have This Treatment on Your Buttocks or Any Area?

You should wait between sessions. The minimum time between cryolipolysis sessions is 1 month and some clinics advise waiting a full 4 months before returning. The dead fat cells in your body may still be there if you return too early and therefore you will just be re-freezing the same cells if you go back too early. Just remember it takes time for the results to appear and so waiting is worth it.


While you can use non-invasive procedures to remove fat from your buttocks you must also remember the importance of exercise and diet. The effects of cryolipolysis are permanent but that does not mean that the body will not develop new fat cells or push fat to another area if you do not look after it. Before and after having a fat freezing procedure make sure you are active and eat a healthy diet to combat excess fat. Cryolipolysis is not a weight loss cure but an aid to achieve the results you desire.

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