Tips for a Great Smokey-Eyes Makeup

Smokey eyes is the sexiest makeup style. It turns you into a diva right away because it is sophisticated and glamorous and it suites almost any type of eye.

It became the preferred makeup of all the Hollywood stars (see Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez), and you can also see it on catwalks for several years now.

The most important thing about the smokey-eyes makeup is that you can easy do it yourself at home. This is why we offer you some quick tips!

What You Need to Create a Great Smokey Eyes Makeup

  • Black Eyeliner, preferably a good sharp pencil.
  • Black makeup powder with pearls.
  • Gray make-up powder.
  • Appliers for makeup.
  • Brush for makeup.
  • Black Mascara.

Now, that you have all the needed tools you can go to work!

Step 1: Apply a makeup base, a transparent powder under the eyes. You probably noticed that the makeup powder has the tendency to fill the fine lines on your upper lid and right under your eyes, and it looks worst if the color is black. To avoid that you should have no sebum on the lid, and this is done with transparent powder.

Step 2: Apply a little smoky gray makeup throughout the eye-lid. Use a soft brush, so the color can be applied uniformly.

Step 3: Now use black pencil to draw a line just above the eyelashes. Do not worry if you are not leaving a perfect line. Take a brush peak and apply the mousse and stretch the line upwards, towards arch. The idea is that black is more intense near the eyelashes line and dimmed near the arch.

Step 4: Cover the upper eyelid with block makeup powder. Ideal would be to apply more on the inside and outside corner of the eye and less in the middle. And that contributes to Smokey eye effect. Watch as black vanish easily. There must be a clear demarcation between the area with makeup and the natural one.

Step 5: Finally, you can create a metallic illusion with pink pearl and very light colored powder. Just swab the applicator in the powder and spread it over your previous make-up.

Step 6: The same thing you should do and under the eyes, but this time the color will not be so intense. With the pencil draw a fine line and then cover with a black paint. The last step is to apply black mascara.

You can remove all the extra make-up with a little remover. Remember our advice! When you have your eyes make-up like that do not use a lipstick. Try to use only nude-color lip-gloss. We also searched the internet for a tutorial and maybe this will help more than classical written explanations.

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