The Must-Have Instagram Tools for the Busy Salon Manager

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Many Instagram beauty and salon brands offer everything from product reviews and makeup lessons to skincare tips from influencers and Q&As with makeup professionals. After all, this social media platform’s visual component is fantastic for teaching users how to make the ultimate smokey eye and showing significant aesthetic changes.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Instagram is the social media platform where most interactions with beauty brands take place. In contrast to Facebook’s 8.6% and Twitter’s 1.1%, the photo-centric site accounts for more than 90% of engagements.

It can be tricky to persuade clients to click “follow” and much more challenging to convert that follow into likes, comments, and sales, given the dozens of Instagram beauty firms striving for their attention. However, certain beauty companies have mastered this, so let’s look at those Instagram beauty experts for the best strategies to boost interaction.

1.    Develop & Publish Tutorials

For a good reason, many beauty brands produce product tutorials and salon flyers: 

  • they have great engagement rates
  • they advertise products
  • they can position your product as a pioneer in the field
  • Furthermore, they make up the majority of Instagram video content.

Consider what your business has to offer that no other brand does, even though any makeup brand can instruct viewers on how to line their eyes or contour their faces. For instance, the hair care business “Bumble and bumble” divided common hair issues into four categories and provided users with highly specialized instructions, advice, and products to help them resolve them.

2.    Examine Content to See What Works Best

Most beauty firms’ most engaging posts on Instagram are pictures of individuals. So why do cosmetics manufacturers upload so many product photos? That’s how its audience reacts. You can observe that posts of individuals receive significantly less engagement by scrolling through the brand’s Instagram account.

Look at your brand’s Instagram analytics to see what kinds of beauty salon flyers are engaging users. Which pictures get the most comments and likes? Which videos are people staying up late to watch? What products are converting visitors?

Give your followers exactly what they want to see in their feeds by using these insights to create a special social plan for your Instagram beauty brand.

3.    Be Approachable

One of the advantages of social media for brands is the ability to engage in mass branding, reply to clients directly, and have one-on-one interactions. And that’s what customers today demand. For example, 72% of millennials claim to be more devoted to a company that reacts to customer comments on social media in a timely manner.

So, keep track of user comments on posts and direct messages and promptly reply to client inquiries, grievances, and criticism. It will assist you in building a reputation as a respectful and helpful Instagram beauty business.

4.    Utilize a Customized Hashtag

For several reasons, a branded hashtag is essential. You can use it to establish a library of user-generated material, see your brand’s reach, and keep track of what buyers are saying about your goods. An additional benefit is that a customized hashtag makes it simple for customers to interact with your material.

Users can look up customer reviews and product images by searching the 31,000 mentions of the hashtag like #thrivecausemetics. Users are also given the opportunity to engage with followers, influencers, and the brand directly, which could also result in a follow or even a purchase.

5.    Run a Competition or Giveaway

Contests and freebies effectively engage your audience, spread the word about your brand, and even turn a one-time engagement into a lifelong customer.

Frequent giveaways encourage readers to pay close attention to and follow your business, so they don’t miss out. For instance, Tarte recently honored 20 years of being a cruelty-free cosmetics company with a giveaway on National Dog Day, which not only engaged its audience but also offered itself a subtly self-congratulatory pat on the back for its goals.

Another salon marketing strategy to get followers to engage with your content is regularly holding contests. Since the audience chooses the winner, an online cosmetics competition can generate a lot of attention and plenty of Instagram engagement.

6.    Create a Unified Brand

Develop a distinctive brand image consistent with who you are and what you stand for like Aesop Skincare does because customers are more inclined to engage with brands they identify with or aspire to be like.

This beauty salon peculiarly approaches Instagram. Instead of tagging things, it accentuates the design inspiration behind its works and highlights the unique appearance and feel of its in-store experience.

7.    Go Live 

Regularly utilize Instagram Live to engage with your fans in real-time. By hosting live Q&As with experts, speaking with influencers and the founders of beauty brands, and hosting in-person makeup demonstrations with experts answering viewers’ questions, brands generate a ton of interaction. Surprisingly, brands’ live broadcasts attract thousands of followers within minutes of going live because the content is entertaining and beneficial to fans.

8.    Join Forces With Influencers

Working with an influencer who already has a sizable, engaged social media following is one of the quickest methods for Instagram beauty and salon firms to develop their following and enhance engagement. It executed this incredibly effectively when L’Oréal assembled its Beauty Squad of varied social media personalities. Influencers made announcements about new items, produced tutorials, and assisted brands in growing their reach by giving them direct access to their enormous fan bases.

In a Nutshell – Instagram Beauty/salon Brands Should Post Daily 

The final section of this essay is a summary of the earlier advice. Aim for an authentic (and compelling) reflection of the salon or spa experience on your Instagram page.

What kind of stylists do you have? What outcomes do they produce for clients? What goods do you employ? A diversified collection of Instagram videos and photographs representing your brand can address each query.

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