The 8-Step Guide to Sexy Slender Legs

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Nice firm legs are what all women want to have in order to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.
If your legs are beautiful you can definitely wear miniskirts, shorts or any kind of outfits because you will be admired for sure.

Any woman can have sexy legs. All you need to do is to keep your legs toned and wax them regularly. To start with, first, you need to get your legs in shape. That means, get out and start walking. Walking, running, jogging and climbing stairs really tone your legs.
But, this is article is meant to be a simple guide for: “how to get those sexy slender legs?” so, read our tips and enjoy the results.


1.    Standing Stretch: stand about 12 inches away from wall. Place forearms against wall and lean forward. Step back with the right leg, keeping the right leg straight and press the right heel down. Feel mild tension in the right calf. Hold for 15 seconds, and then repeat on other side.
2.    Scissors standing on the wall: start position: lay on your back, stick your buttocks on the wall and lift your legs up, so you create a 90 degrees angle with the wall…practically, you create an “L” letter with your feet up and your back down on the floor. Afterward: bend knees to plant feet on wall. Peel back off floor, keeping shoulder blades down, and step feet up wall so body forms a diagonal line from feet to chest. Bend elbows and support lower back with hands; keep shoulder blades, upper arms, and head on floor. Lower left leg toward head as far as you can, keeping both legs straight and abs tight. Return to wall and lower right leg. Continue to alternate until you’ve completed all reps.
3.    Use the leg press machine to challenge your hamstrings with even greater weight. Because the leg press machine also engages your quadriceps and calves, you can often increase the weight on the stacks beyond what you could handle for leg curls.

Self Care, Softening Your Skin and Hair Removal:

1.    Start with your typical shower routine. This will soften your skin. After you have been in the shower for several minutes rub the body exfoliation all over your legs from your ankle to your upper thighs this will remove the dead skin from your legs.
2.    Use a loofah pad to exfoliate and buff out imperfections. Sometimes tiny blemishes caused by ingrown hairs or minor skin conditions render legs to be not as smooth as they once were. By gently exfoliating at least once or twice a week, your legs can be healthy, soft and blemish-free with very little effort.
3.    Don’t rush when you shave. Nothing ruins a super-close shave like nicks from a hurried shave. Hastily shaving your legs may cause the razor to snag your skin and remove tiny chunks at a time, especially around your knees, ankles and the thin areas of flesh on your shins. To combat nicks from shaving too quickly, rinse away the blood before exiting the shower, blot with a tissue or toilet paper and apply a tiny corner of tissue to your wound.
4.    Cover your legs with a moisturizing cream or body butter, thicker lotions work best in really providing you with intense moisture. Spray on Hydrating body gloss lightly and evenly. Your legs will have a smooth oiled look but without a gross oily feel.

You can also apply skin brightening creams on legs for evener tone and blemish-free skin in the long run.

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