Temporary and Permanent Hair Removal Methods

I've summed up the most common methods of hair removal at home and the types of hair removal systems that can provide the most desirable beauty of your skin.

Back in history women have always faced with hairiness problem, they used to remove unwanted hair from the body and face using herbal blends or even with pumice stone, but now the things have changed. We are luckier because we can use a variety of methods less painful, and most of them more effective.

It is true that the methods used by our grandmothers still linger in the habits of some of us and that is the reason why are still so many followers of hot waxing hair removal or shaving.

Temporary Solutions for Hair Removal

Hot Waxing

The best known method is definitely hot waxing hair removal because it is a very cheap method and it can be reused. The skin may remain smooth for two weeks or even a month depending on your metabolism. The big disadvantage is that it hurts and the skin can be visibly irritated or worse, if you pull the wax strips too swiftly it might take off also the top layer of skin. Definitely not recommended just before your dream date, use this method one night before, in a hot shower.

The Razor



An quick and somewhat painless alternative (but less effective than hot waxing) could be the centuries-old razor. Unfortunately, after hair removal with the blade you will see that the hair will recur very quickly. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you’re forced to shave even daily. You know the old saying that if you shave, the hair will grow faster, and denser. Well, it seems that it will not grow denser, of course, the hair follicles will not appear out of the sudden below the skin just because you tear other follicles in that area. But experience shows that shaved hair will grow thicker and stronger.

Fortunately these are not the only temporary hair removal methods that we can use to beautify our skin. Among the best known may be mentioned cold waxing, sugar-based creams, depilatory cream or epilator.



Cold Wax

Is as effective and painful as hot wax, the difference between the two beings that during the hair removal with the cold wax you can keep the cleanliness in the bathroom and in your kitchen.





Hair Removal With Sugar

It is an intermediate method between the warm and cold wax. The cream is heated in water or in the microwave, then is applied to the skin and then is removed with material strips. The advantage is that you can easily wash to remove remaining cream off the body.





Depilatory Cream

Can be a painless hair removal method because these active ingredients that contains will dissolve hair. The effect lasts slightly longer than the razor method, but it is not very convenient: the cream is more expensive than shaving. In addition to that, you can irritate your skin, or you can make allergy to one of its components. For this reason it is a good idea to test the cream on a small area before using on your body.






It would seem that the most efficient and painless method of hair removal is the epilator which is as easy to use and the effects are longer lasting (about the same as the wax). The disadvantages are the pretty steep price of the epilator which is still a long-term investment, but also the risk of growing hair under the skin. It is therefore advisable to use a strong body exfoliant before you use the epilator.

(Semi-) Permanent Hair Removal

However, technology has advanced so far that researchers were able to discover some methods of definitive hair removal. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to remove the hair permanently from her body? That beauty treatment is costing time and money, but definitely worth it all when you think you can get rid of older and very painful repetitive processes and everything to gain an enviable skin. Currently, there are three methods of definitive hair removal:

  • Laser hair removal,
  • IPL hair removal
  • Electrolysis hair removal

Ok, now there’s a catch: Only the electrolysis seems to be a permanent solution. The laser hair removal and the IPL will require a number of sessions for a permanent solution. The PDA in US will not allow the two methods to bear the “permanent” label, because there’s no evidence to support that claim.

Laser Hair Removal

Not long ago, that method could be performed only at a beauty center. Fortunately now definitive hair removal can be done at home using a laser epilator. Laser hair removal uses a real laser to destroy the hair follicles.





Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL)

As the name suggests, IPL uses a light based device in order to destroy the hair follicles for good.






Electrolysis System for Permanent Hair Removal

This is claimed the only method of permanent hair removal system and it can be done at home, also.







A no-hair body is a standard in our society nowadays, so let’s make some efforts, shall we? For this you only have to identify the right hair removal method that suits you or alternatively using two or more of them, and taking care of the moisturizers products that pamper your skin on the body. Remember this beauty tip, feel yourself wonderful and boost your self-esteem!

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