Rose Cut Diamond Ring – What You Need to Know

Your boyfriend might be looking for a diamond ring (wink-wink!) and he might need some inside info. How about you could help him choose the right cut?

With vintage style engagement rings in Melbourne are in trend, rose cut diamonds are making a comeback and since Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston with a massive rose-cut diamond and Matthew McConaughey proposed to Camila Alves with rose-cut diamond there is an increased interest in rose cut diamond engagement rings. Their facet makes them a very different choice from the sparkling round, princess and oval-cut diamonds. What’s interesting about this cut is that it has a flat base so all the facets that are anywhere between 3 to 24 are on the crown.

The Historic Cut

Rose cut is one of the oldest cutting styles for diamonds that emerged in the 1500s and was extremely popular in the 1700s and 1800s and they are actually the precursors to today’s round brilliant cut. Rose cut got its name from blooming appearance with each facet resembling a petal of the rose. This vintage cut didn’t unleash the sparkle and fire for which diamonds are known but over the years as diamond cutting technology advanced these diamonds were recut. Some original rose cut diamonds can be found in antique jewellery boutiques and since the cut is making a comeback, diamond cutters are fashioning them again. Modern jewellery designers are creating edgy, contemporary jewellery with interesting old-world vibe by adding rose-cut diamonds to their inventory.


Rose cut diamond has a flat bottom and a domed top and take on numerous shapes. The most common are round, oval and pear shapes. Earlier versions were thin slivers with three or six, triangular shaped facets in a single row around the stone. As the years progressed, so did the number of facets on this ancient cut. The number increased to 12 with two rows of facets. Though these extra facets increased the brilliance, the light did not reflect back. 18 facet rose cuts became popular and for their increasing popularity, these cuts were chosen for larger stones. This allowed for the development of full rose cut with 24 facets. There is also a little variation called Double Dutch Rose featuring 48 facets.

Evaluation of Rose Cut Diamond

Rose cut diamonds are evaluated the same way as the other diamonds on the 4Cs.

Cut – the rose cut features 24 facets in contrast to round brilliant which has 58. This means that there are fewer cuts within the diamond to capture the light and bounce it around. Rose cut diamonds are also flat on the bottom and with a completely flat surface and fewer facets, the rose cut is shiny but not brilliant.

Colour – fancy coloured diamonds look great with rose cuts the reason being white stones give off an icy effect while fancy coloured create beautiful bouquets when cut into rose shapes.

Clarity – the cut of the stone accentuates flaws within the stone, this can be both good and bad. As rose cut is an ideal vintage cut and imperfections give the stone more antique beauty.

Carat – the rose cut looks lovely in all carat sizes and depending on the clarity and colour grades, the carat cost might be lower than it is for other cuts.

Rose cut diamonds create a unique and exquisite centrepiece stone in engagement rings and if your sweetheart savours tradition and history, the rose cut diamond engagement ring will surely touch her heart. If you are looking to buy rose cut diamonds then visit Australian Diamond Company in Melbourne and find that perfect ring. 

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