When in Rome: How to Dress-Up Like an Italian Fashion Icon

When it comes to fashion and wearing clothes in style, almost nothing beats Italian women – and we don’t talk only about celebrities.
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Take a walk in Italy and see women pulling off amazing outfits and sporting some amazing combinations to die for. They seem to have a keen sense of style, an attitude and a particular philosophy when it comes to wearing clothes, shoes and accessories and we all have plenty to learn from them. You may say that Italian women look so great, composed, fashionable and trendy (no matter the season) because they have all the major brands and fashion houses close to their homes. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on labels to look Italian-striking – you can achieve such a look even if you are on a budget. Today we will discuss five tips, tricks and fashion ideas you can follow to truly look like an Italian fashion icon.

Get Truly Aware of Your Own Figure

When defining Italian fashion, experts agree on one thing: knowing your body is the key-concept when you choose your Italian-chic wardrobe. Taking a look at Italian women the first thing you see is that they commonly wear slim-fit jeans, tops and dresses and they enhance the best parts of their bodies, be them waistlines or necklines, legs or arms. The key aspect when trying to pull off an Italian look is to understand what cuts flatter your body the best and what lines make you look on top of your game, even if you walk the dog or going to the office. Fitted clothes are a staple of Italian fashion and you should build from here:

  • Pick up some timeless denim jeans in dark blue, gray or black – they are the staple of Italian chic fashion. A flattering cut should enhance your best body traits and some hem lengths allow you to wear both high heeled shoes and flats.
  • Pencil skirts or dresses are usually the go-to item for Italian women – pick a length depending on your height and body shape. Pleats, A-lines, and bubble-skirts should not be an option. Flared skirts in various lengths work great – but pair them with slim fitted tank tops!
  • An ageless little black dress that compliments your figure will take you everywhere in Italy or around the world. As a secondary fashion item you need to invest in, try a floral pattern or a brightly colored office dress. If you have a petite, boyish figure you can always sport a mini skirt and boots – iconic Italian-inspired attire.
  • If your figure allows, wear black leggings to make your feet look slimmer and longer – and pair them with high heels for a red carpet look.
  • Get jiggy with it and add a jacket, a blazer or a vest to your outfit – Italian women love leather jackets, wool blazers, denim vests and so on. Make sure the jacket’s cut slims your figure.

Invest in High-Quality Fabrics and Accessories

As we said, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like an Italian woman. While nobody underestimates the power of a label piece of clothing or accessory, you don’t need to wear too many labels at once. The main idea here is that you should invest in quality and in pieces that will last you for ages. As Italian fashion goes, you should consider pick one high-end statement luxurious piece and work from there:

  • Red lipstick: some Italian women can look like red carpet divas while wearing a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and red lipstick. Find the shade that best matches your skin tone and stick with it.
  • Sunglasses: a high-quality pair of shades will say “Italian” more than your bag or shoes.
  • One massive luxurious statement necklace is all you need to look Italian-diva style. You don’t need to overdo things when it comes to jewelry and accessories. One statement piece is always enough for an Italian woman to rock a business meetings or a black-tie event.
  • High heeled shoes: another staple of Italian fashion, high heeled leather shoes work with everything from skirts to jeans, in both formal and informal environments. High heeled boots for fall and winter are also mandatory. But if you are not comfortable wearing them, flats are also appropriate if they match your outfit and your figure.
  • In terms of purses and bags, Italians have the upper hand: you can wear anything from Serbags vintage backpacks in full grain Italian leather to massive classic office bags, tiny clutches or casual totes. Just like everything else you wear they should be high-quality and not necessarily label-bound.

Last piece of advice: sometimes we make the mistake of saving our best clothes for special occasions. Italian women make it a special occasion of daily errand-running tasks, dog walking or casual dinners. The best way to look like an Italian fashion icon is to feel like one – and they always feel feminine, sexy, powerful, seductive and mysterious while wearing the most basic and casual clothes.

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