One Piece Swimsuit, Hot Fashion Item in Summer

With a long history, one piece swimsuit is now present on catwalks in every season. This article is the story of “one piece swimsuit” and the helpful guide for a good choice.

With a long history, one piece swimsuit is now present on catwalks in every season. This article is the story of “one piece swimsuit” and the helpful guide for a good choice.

Advice: let yourself sun kissed no matter your vacation destination, and grab a swimsuit in one piece, just in case! This hot fashion item guarantees you a stunning appearance on the beach, and you also have true help from the designers, they came up with tones of new models this year. It is impossible to dislike all the swimsuits we present here.

One Piece Swimsuit History

The history for this swimsuit started in Ancient Greece when public baths were a common habit. Then, clothes weren’t always necessary (more often, they were bathing naked), but historians say that Romans and Greeks were dressed in togas when washing in public baths. In the 19th century, women, forced by moral principles, were not allowed to show their body in public so they were doing sun bathing wearing long woolen dresses. The year of 1900 turned out to be a revolution in beach fashion. Designer created back then the one piece swimsuit, well tight on the body, combined with short pants, socks and a cap. This cap was a primary accessory until 1950’s, and sometimes ladies used flowers or brooches to make them prettier.

Well, afterward, this one piece swimsuit remained the basis of swim suits and summer beach fashion. Designers adapted it and changed it season after season. In the 50’es it had a zipper on the back, after that is was tailored with corset and after the 60’es the real revolution started, with lycra materials and eccentric paintings.

Top Choices When It Comes to One Piece Swimsuits

Every year top designer brought a new interpretation to the basic one piece swimsuit pattern. One key element: Jules Leotard, a circus man, created for its acrobats a body suit with braces, and this particular shape became the inspiration for the swimsuits in past but…also in our days. You can see these kind of suits wore by Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

What to Wear in Summer 2010?

The key element is: variety! Designers brought on stage multiple interpretations for each trend and adapted them in some particular ways. So, you may choose a retro pattern, in one color, from Emporio Armani, you may dare to wear an eccentric model with crazy colors or leopard print, like Dolce and Gabbana.

Halter-top-style bathing suits, especially those with wider or thicker straps, also are a growing look for 2010. Depending on the color or print, the look can be fun and flirty or sexy and sophisticated. When combined on a one-piece, it also exudes a touch of retro Hollywood glamour.

Other swimwear styles making waves include bandeau tops, which resembles tube tops, and “skirtinis,” bathing suit bottoms with a little attached skirt.

In terms of accents, ruffles, beading and studs are embellishing every type of swimsuits. Playful polka dots, bold animal prints and the sweet gingham pattern are also adding a dash of style to today’s swimwear. Still, you have so many choices, but the thing you must remember is that you have to be fashionable but also pay attention to your body features. Don’t go for fashion if the swimsuit doesn’t fit you right.

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