No More Beauty Flaws With Our Tricks

So what if it’s cold and you’ll get to wear a hat and a scarf everyday?! Don’t tell me that those flaws are not bothering you! It is time to stop hating that mole and take control over those bushy eyebrows!

Learn how to say NO to all the beauty flaws that annoy you, no matter the season.

Unruly Eyebrows

You probably know that thin eyebrows are not in fashion anymore, big statement eyebrows are a real trend these days, so avoid getting the tweezers happy. Trim the ends of any long hair following the angle of the brow. Remove one row of hair at a time and fill in the gaps with a good definer. Also, with a good eyebrows pencil you can add some sexy shape!

Pasty Skin

Porcelain skin is the ideal counterpoint to this season’s intense lip colors and powerful eye color palette.  It works really well with all the red and orange tones. Enhance paler skin by resisting the urge to use the bronzing powder and instead add depth and warmth using shimmering peach, pink and ivory tones to give skin a little glow! You’ll wonder why do you still keep that bronzer on your shelf.

Grown Out Roots

Well, maybe you don’t have the time or the money to have you roots done at a saloon. But, no worry, this season’s trend for grunge-meets-70’s chic means dark roots are really hot these days. Actually, this look works great with grown-out highlights and if you want to achieve it instantly, apply a natural toned dye to your roots roughly two shades darker than your hair. Smudge it through the mid-lengths and ends for the last five minutes.

Oily Skin

Clinique created some kind of super-hero when it comes to rescuing us! Now we don’t have to worry about using lots of powder, we can just apply this specially created foundation, with oil-control to stop shine on T-zone but still enhance our natural features without filling the pores. You can still have the natural look, use any other kind of blushes, powders you want, but you won’t have to worry about your oily skin. Buy this wonder product from, with 37$.

Gappy Teeth

Well, our advice is to follow Georgia’ Jagger style and don’t worry. Even more, use red lipstick to enhance this special feature of yours. Draw attention to your individuality and love your look!

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