Essential Travel Beauty Tips for Every Girl on the Go

Are you a globetrotter or like to take mini-vacations to rejuvenate yourself? But does your beauty regime affect your travel plans? Irrespective of the mode of travel- car or train or plane, you can’t save your skin and hair while traveling.

It becomes all the more tricky as there are restrictions on the number of beauty regime products that you can carry and time constraint. It adds to the stress as it is normal to want to look good while you are traveling. After all who would like to reach for the family reunion looking dull and tired? Or look sick and pale during the flight to your dream destination?

Rest assured travel and beauty aren’t opposites to each other. You just need to know the essential tips. In case you are planning a weekend road trip, a limo gateway (btw, take a look at​ – great option!) or short vacation here are some essential travel beauty tips for every girl on the go that will help your hair and skin stay healthy and make you feel good while traveling:

  1. Carry a multi-purpose skin care product: While packing it is common to forget some beauty products that on the trip you realize were important. In this situation, it is best to carry multi-purpose skin care products. For example, carry Argan oil as it can be used for both skin and hair. It also helps in saving space while packing. Another multi-purpose product that you must invest in is the tinted cream stain that can be used as both a lip color and cheek color. Another product that you can invest in is the base that works as a foundation, concealer, and compact.
  2. Keep the skin hydrated: There is nothing more disappointing than having a flaky and dull skin on vacation. Thus, it is imperative to drink plenty of water while traveling. Add green tea, lemon water with mint and loads of veggies and fruits to keep the skin hydrated and boost the immunity system. For additional hydration, you can rely on your favorite moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin. While on the go, don’t forget to carry your hydrating mist as it helps in locking the skin’s moisture.
  3. Use aspirin for blemish free skin: if your skin is prone to acne, don’t panic. Visit your nearest pharmacy and buy some aspirin. Take a tablet and smash it and make a paste using water. Apply this paste on the breakouts. It is an efficient way to get the blemish-free skin as aspirin is rich in salicylic acid.
  4. Treat dark circles with tea bags: While traveling one thing we tend to compromise the most is sleep. It often results in dark circles. You don’t need to carry the facial kit or other beauty products to treat the dark circles while on the go. Just cool the used tea bags in the mini refrigerator in your room and let the bags sit on your eyes for 15 minutes. In case of the puffy eye, just cool the stainless-steel spoons in the mini refrigerator and apply them on the eyes. Bye, bye puffy eye.
  5. Travel size versions of beauty products: While on the go it is essential to pack light, therefore, it is best to pack travel size versions of beauty products. In case your preferred brand doesn’t offer smaller bottles or tubes then you can use the little bottles you already have. Empty its content in some other box and fill them with your cream, serum, moisturizer or oil.
  6. Prefer cream makeup over powder makeup: When on the go it is best to use cream based makeup as it is difficult to overdo with them as in most cases they melt into the skin. The powder makeups require more time and efforts to blend and are less forgiving. Also, applying makeup in dim lights of the hotel bathroom is not comfortable, so you must be careful with your choice of makeup products.
  7. Fix flat hair: Traveling wreaks equal havoc on your hair too. Long travel results in a big flat spot on the head’s back. For a quick fix, dampen the hair and correct the direction of the root and then brush your hair normally.
  8. Green tea for irritated skin: If your skin is itchy or irritated and you need a quick fix, just dip the green tea or chamomile tea bag in a glass of cold water. Let it stay for few minutes. Later dip a soft cloth in the water and dab on your face. It will immediately calm the skin and make you feel refreshed.

With these travel beauty tips from Savvy Expeditioner, you will surely get the perfect selfies and flawless skin pictures that you can cherish for years to come.

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