Must-Buy Wishlist That Can Help You in Getting a Beauty Sleep

They do not call it a beauty sleep for nothing.

A good night’s sleep— usually means a full seven to nine hours of undisturbed sleep— can help you look your best the next day!

While you snooze, the body goes into its repair mode and new cells start to form in order to replace those older cells.

The result?

A brighter and fresher face with healthier skin and fewer dark circles.

Although sleep is a natural cycle, some people may find it hard to get quality sleep every night. Use a bedtime sleep calculator to determine the right time you should go to sleep for you optimal 90 minute REM cycles. Falling to sleep at one of the suggested times will ensure you get the best amount of sleep depending on the time you want to wake up.

Try these other must-buy things for a good night of shut-eye and wake up feeling and looking wonderful!

Essential Oil Diffuser

As pointed out by the National Sleep Foundation, essential oils such as lavender have been shown to decrease blood pressure and heart rate, therefore pushing the body to relax for a deeper, better sleep.

One of the most convenient and most stylish ways to add lavender or other essential oil scents into your bedtime routine is with an essential oil diffuser. If you ever get sick of the scent you can just turn the device off or switch up with other sleep-inducing scents such as chamomile and marjoram.

Blackout Drapes

Lights are the greatest enemy of sleep. And this is particularly true for people who are extremely sensitive to lights. And if you live in the city, all night bright lights can make it harder for you to hit the hay!

However, with blackout drapes, you can now block out all the outside lights which may threaten to interrupt your beauty sleep. Also, these drapes help in reducing the outside noise as well as regulating the temperature in your room.

White Noise Sound Machine

Although most people prefer silence when sleeping, extreme silence can also be such a dangerous thing. This is because it allows your mind to wander and overthinking into a frenzy.

Remember when you close your eyes in an extremely quiet room wanting to go to sleep but your mind being too noisy about all the embarrassing things you’ve done or possibly even heightening your hearing senses that you start to hear some unknown noise inside your cabinet?

Well, if this is the case, a white noise sound machine is the perfect item you should buy. Its nondescript sound is the perfect way to distract your mind from your very own thoughts and overthinking and go straight into a blissful slumber. As a plus, white noise sound machines also helps in drowning out any noise that might wake you up through the night.

Sleepy Lotion

A sleeping beauty product from Lush, this lotion has hydrating almond oil and cocoa butter with soothing lavender that creates the ultimate sleep-inducing bedtime moisturizer. The Sleepy lotion is quite popular that Lush struggles to keep it stocked both online and in its stores.

A Light-Blocking Sleep Mask

One of the easiest way, in order to get a good night sleep, is to make sure that your bedroom is completely dark and not even the tiniest ray of light comes through. However, if you do not want to change the decoration of your room and go with an all-black color from your window curtain to your sheets, then you can always invest in a good light-blocking eye mask.

Not only does it help in blocking out lights without changing the décor of your bedroom but with a soft, silky material sitting in your eyes ensures that you get a shuteye and help you get more Zzzz.

Weighted Blankies

There is nothing more relaxing and calming than being held in your sleep and just knowing that there is someone else is there beside you and hugging you on a cold, dark night. However, not all people have a sleeping partner to cuddle with.

Well, not anymore. With a weighted blanket, you get the warm feeling of embrace every now and then and therefore helps in releasing melatonin and serotonin for a stress-free night and quality slumber!

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