How to treat dark-circles under your eyes?

It is so easy to read a lost night on your face; dark-circles around your eyes betray you! Studies show that most of them appear due to excessive fatigue.
Epidermis around the eye is 4 times more sensitive than the rest of the skin, and this happens because the area is not supported by adipose tissue or by any bone. To prevent the occurrence of dark-rings you must remove trigger factors such as: pollution, tobacco, alcohol, and lack of sleep.

Also, you should take very good care of yourself, because anemia is another cause of these dark-circles around your eyes. Also, allergies and asthma. But be cautious with the medications you take, because certain medication, such as blood vessels dilatation medications can cause dark rings too.

Treat yourself!

Use products that are designed to reduce water retention, and offer a high level of hydratation to your epidermis. You need to take care of yourself and use some home-made treatments such as: Two times a day, in the morning and evening, after you removed make-up with a special eye solution, apply a moisturizing cream or cooling gel, or apply a teabag with black tea or green tea (applied 10 minutes after they got cold). You can also leave two metal spoons in the refrigerator for two hours, and then place them on your eyes until you feel like they are no longer cold. They have a great refreshing effect.

Cover any marks!

[singlepic id=492 h=150 float=left]You forgot to apply the night cream, so the disaster is here, you can no longer avoid it!  You are lucky though, because you can always use the dark-circles remover. Most new products hide defects and they also offer skin a great hydration, enhancing micro circulation. You have to choose a one-tone lighter shade than your skin shade. The correct application: stretch (without push) from the internal corner until the external one, until your skin absorbs it completely.
Sleep tight: There is no secret that lack of sleep leads to dark-rings appearance. If you suffer from insomnia, Body Shop comes in your help with the spray: Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist.

We have some other recommendations regarding dark-rings treatment:

Lift Active Eyes Lancome[singlepic id=497 h=120 float=left]
The new generation anti-wrinkle treatment for the eye area.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Eye Treatment[singlepic id=491 h=100 float=right]
A highly moisturizing anti-dark circle eye treatment with Dark Circle Targeting Complex addresses both melanin formation and poor local micro circulation.

Daggett and Ramsdell Dark Circle Eye Treatment[singlepic id=494 h=120 float=left]
Helps reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles

[singlepic id=495 h=100 float=right]Anti-Aging – FLUIDBASE K
Treatment of dark circles and bags under the eyes. Its formula with vit K and A helps preventing and treating dark circles.

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