How to Keep Your Hair Extensions Healthy

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As we all know we all need healthy and strong hair for a stylish look. To get healthy and clean hair we do require some effort as well. However, some people are unfortunate to get healthy and clean hair due to many reasons but modern technology has discovered many solutions for it such as hair transplants, hair extensions, etc.

Hair extensions are good for people looking to hide hair fall  (alopecia), damaged hair, hair follicles, dandruff, etc. Hair extensions cover up your hair beautifully and give it a natural look.

If hair extensions are not properly taken care of, they may damage your natural hair, weaken your hair roots, result in hair fall, etc. Hair extensions require tightening your natural hair in order to wear them, which can damage hair edges resulting in hair follicles. So as there are many advantages of hair extensions there are some disadvantages as well.

In order to get long-lasting results, some of the tips that are approved and verified by the American Academy of Dermatology in the USA are being given below that can help you to maintain your hair extensions healthy and strong. For Example, Some of the top-notch extensions that are widely popular, used, and rewarded with the title in Dubai as best hair extensions in Dubai by the world’s best hair experts are a permanent solution for your hair. They are best known for adding quality, color, and volume to your hairstyle. 

Tips for Keeping Hair Extensions Healthy

Brushing Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are easy to wear but difficult to maintain as they require a lot of care and attention. A small amount of negligence can cause serious damage to your hair so always seek a professional to get this thing done.  The first tip is to brush your hair extensions on a regular basis with a hair extension brush which is a vital and dedicated brush.

Brushing your hair extensions keeps them in a shape and aligned which will give a perfect look to your hair.

Wash Your Hair Extensions Correctly

This could be difficult as this step requires some extra care and focus. Wash your hair extensions correctly by following the method prescribed by your hairstylist, always use recommended shampoo and conditioner for your hair extensions, and make sure it matches your hair nature.

After selecting your hair extensions’ shampoo and conditioner, you still need to take care of some tips. Try to use lukewarm water instead of hot water as this may cause damage to your natural hair and hair extensions as well. Make sure to clean the scalp with shampoo and use conditioner for mid-lengths and ends only. If you are using clip-in extensions, remove them carefully before washing.

Separate Your Hair Extensions Bond Daily

As far as hair extensions are concerned, this is the most important point one should not miss out on. This may sound creepy and difficult but eventually, it will help you a lot in the long run. Try to separate each bond every morning and make sure it is sitting separately. It will take up to minutes but it will help you when you are going to remove your extensions after 3 to 4 months of period time. 

Separation helps you from tangling of hairs in the root, thus extensions can easily be removed from hairs.

Never Get Into Bed With Wet Hair Extensions

If somehow you have washed your hair extensions at night, don’t forget to dry them before getting into bed as wet hair extensions can cause tangling and matting. Moreover, it is difficult to brush them in the morning. Always try to wash extensions in the morning as a long day is enough to dry them.

Wearing Hair Extensions on Holiday

If you are planning to go out on a long weekend with your family, hair extensions would require extra care as compared to your home care routine.

Don’t expose your extensions to water as this can cause tangling in hair and you will face difficulty brushing your hair.

Weekly Intensive Treatment to Hair Extensions

As we have discussed briefly how to keep your natural hair healthy and clean, now it is far more important to keep your extensions healthy and clean as well resulting in long-lasting results. Therefore, a dermatologist recommends nourishing your extensions with intensive treatment every week.

Use recommended shampoo and conditioner in order to get the best results.

Attend Hair Extensions Appointments

It is recommended to visit your hair technician every 4 to 6 weeks for your hair extension check-up. The hair technician will look up to the fitting of the extensions, health of the extensions, etc. Moreover, it’s a healthy activity to keep checking and balancing your hair extension health and its results.

Wearing Hair Extension Is a Full-Time Job

So far you have come down to the decision that wearing hair extensions is a full-time job as you have to take care of your extensions with the utmost care, regularly visit your hair technician, wash them regularly, and brush them regularly. Wearing hair extensions is not an easy task and brace yourself if you want to go for hair extensions.

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