Beautiful hair in 5 minutes

You wake up and realize that today you can not do anything for your hair. I prepared a few ultra-fast tricks for your hair, so you can glow all day long.
You proudly use various accessories such as ribbons, clips, and brushes, but you are not able to get anything good out from your hairdo unfortunately.

Only 5 seconds

[singlepic id=91 h=100 float=left]If you hurry, you can always catch your hair in a ponytail with elastic or a colorful scarf.

[singlepic id=88 h=150 float=right]As you can quickly change your look with a bandana, assorted with your outfit that “rhymes” with straight hair and curly hair too. Very convenient and easy to use, bandana offers an exotic air and gets you out of obscurity, no matter how short or long your hair is. And you will remember Carrie Bradshaw and her nonconformity and elegance.

Another ultra fast trick, especially when you don’t have time to dry your hair, use a broad clamp, which can make miracles. Drain your hair with a towel. Then brush it over your head and gather it at the neck. Twists it into a bun and fix it with the clamp, assuring that it is well fixed. It takes just a second (or five seconds) and may look great, both on wet hair and after drying. It shows your face, and offers you a sexy-elegant look.

Only 5 minutes

If planning an evening in the city – a meeting, an event, or a night in the club, you will probably care more about your hair style, then when you go shopping or doing sports.

For a look in current trends, but simple, grab your hair on the top of your head and take it into elastic. Use a wave-like spiral to create delicate highlights of suitable thick of your hair. Pulverize little hair spray after you finished making wavy hair to keep the curls. Then remove the elasticity carefully, let your hair go free and pass your fingers through it, so you can make it easy to arrange. Now, after a very short time, you will have some fantastic curls on your shoulders.

[singlepic id=87 h=150 float=left]For a retro look, blend 3 tailets just starting in front and on each side of the head. Then take them back with a colored ribbon. If your hair is not long enough for such a style, just knit 2 tails. You’ll be sexy and innocent.

Buy many accessories for hair, you never know when you may need them. For example, a large silver clamp or with semiprecious stones caught in your hair, will turn you in the party queen. Also take into consideration scarf, bandanas, and caps. Listen to your intuition and use your creativity!

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