Glamorous Evening Makeup for That Perfect No Filter Selfie

Wondering how to acquire a glamorous look? Look no further because this video is going you show you how to get a glam look in no time! This sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The younger generation is always looking at different ways to look chic and put their best foot forward. Certain makeup tricks can make a great difference to the overall outcome.

If you have to attend a party in the evening and just don’t know what kind of make-up should be wearing for the occasion, then sit back and enjoy watching this video showcasing the glamorous look:


TOOLS REQUIRED: an angled brush, a flat brush, a fluffy eyeshadow brush, a concealer brush, a blusher brush, and a lip brush.

STEP 1: Begin with your eye makeup by applying a primer covering the entire eye area evenly in order to get a clean look.  Remember to apply more primer around the socket and the brow bone.

STEP 2: Go onto using a matte eyeshadow shade for the brow bone with the help of a flat brush. Dab the color right under the brow one and into the crease as well.

STEP 3: Now use a matte brown shade of eye shadow and blend it towards the crease area and then go onto blending it into the highlighter.

STEP 4: Once done, apply some more primer towards the inner socket region of the eye and then spreading it outwards.

STEP 5: Then, use a flat brush and start filling the inner eye socket with a lovely silverish pink frosted eye shadow color. Blend this color with the brown shade.

STEP 6: Choose a dark grey eyeshadow and apply this shade with an angled brush, blend it under the water line going inwards.

STEP 7: Now you can use an angled brush and apply a dark green eye shadow shade under the waterline coming inwards. Then use a small flat brush and the same silverfish pink eye shade used for the inner socket and apply it onto the tear duct area. You will be surprised how this technique would brighten up your eyes!

STEP 8: Give your beautiful eyes the winged look and then go onto applying a white eyeliner for the water line which helps to open up the eye a bit.

STEP 9: Now fill in the eyebrows with a gentle shade to give your brows a neat finish. You can use dark browns, greys, charcoals and slate shades instead.

STEP 1O: Finish the look by using mascara for the eyelashes. Curl them out a bit by holding the mascara brush for a few seconds and wriggle it outwards.

STEP 11: For the cheeks, you can use a pinkish shade and apply it just to the apple of the cheeks going upwards.

STEP 12: Move onto your lips by first applying a deep shade of lip liner to line the lips. This would prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

STEP 13: You can us the lip liner to fill in the lips as well so that the lipstick lasts longer. Fill in the lips with a rich plum shade of lip color.

Voila! Look like a diva with your very own glamorous evening makeup.

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