How to Choose the Perfect Party-Wear Kurtis for Your Body Shape


Party-Kurtis may be available in a myriad of sizes, designs, and styles, but this does not guarantee that any you will pick off the shelves will be perfect for your body shape. It should be known to you that one of the reasons why people dress is to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies. However, this may not be possible unless you get an outfit that is able to fit well with the shape of your body.

It is how you manage to highlight your best features, and bring out the best in you as far as dressing is concerned. This is why you should know what kind of body shape you have so that when you go to buy Kurtis, you know exactly what you should be looking for in the attires. Here is a brief guide on Kurtis and body shapes to help you out.

Kurti for your shape body

Party-Kurtis for Apple Shaped Bodies

Apple shaped bodies are characterized by rounded shoulders, big busts, and a relatively full midsection. They also tend to portray flattish buts, but with very good strong legs. While choosing Kurtis for this kind of a body, it is recommended that such Kurtis should have darker shades and they should be primarily made from cotton or silk since these will not cling to the body to create unpleasant appearances.

The neckline of the Kurtis should be embellished or V-shaped so that I can help in drawing attention from the well-endowed bust. Most of the sleeves will work for such, but ideally, cuffed or flared sleeves have always given great results with the apple body shapes. A good and simple design for this shape would be the classic A-line Kurtis which can be used for both formal and informal dressing needs.

Kurti for banana body

Banana Shaped Bodies

For banana shaped bodies, the shoulders are in a straight line with the rib cage, and the same case is also true for the butts and the hips. The waist is subtle with an average tummy. For a body shape like this, the most ideal type of Kurtis should be one with the broad and deep neck. Such a Kurtis should be aimed at giving an impression of curviness and to give the wait region some more definition, it may be a good idea to use a belt. Most of the Kurtis made from heavy fabrics will also work well for this body shape, preferably those with a cinched waist. For accessories, consider going for slimmer and slicker bottoms such as leggings or churidars. If you have this body type, you wouldn’t be wrong if you were to try out Kurtis with pleats, front pockets or those with panel detailing.

Pear-Shaped Bodies

Pear-shaped bodies are characterized by full thighs and hips and they may sometimes look like a saddle bag with a well-defined waist. The shoulders are usually narrower than the hips and the upper body is usually relatively smaller compared to the lower body. For this kind of a body shape, the ideal party-Kurtis should be darker towards the lower so that the attention is directed to the torso.

Those with elaborate necklines will also work well for this body type, including both square neck styles and boat neck designs. To draw more attention to the upper body, printed or textured Kurtis will work just fine. Sleeveless designs are also recommended because they will make the hands have an impression of being fuller than they actually are. You may also consider the straight cut long Kurtis because they will help to add length to the body.

Kurti for hourglass shaped bodies

Hourglass Shaped Bodies

An hourglass-shaped body features a well-defined waist, neat bottom and hips, and a well-defined bust. This is the body shape that is considered blessed among the womenfolk since they do well with most dressings. If you have this kind of body shape, then know that you are among the lucky few and as such, you must always nail it with every Kurtis you put. This body shape is quite a versatile one, almost all types of Kurtis will work, but those that define the waist will give better looks with this type of body shape.

Just be careful to choose Kurtis with a very good fit and also consider drawing attention from your heavy butts by choosing deep necks that will enhance the appearance of the chest. For accessorizing the Kurtis, think about straight cut bottoms or just use palazzos. Since your body is naturally attractive, you can also think about playing with different colors of shades, contrasting the color of the Kurtis with that of the leggings for extra glamour. You can also use heels or high pumps of you are not very tall so that you create an illusion of height for the perfect looks.

With such gorgeous curves, never attempt to wear any ill-fitting Kurtis as this will be a great injustice to the great body you already have.

Kurti for inverted triangle shaped bodies

Inverted Triangle Shaped Bodies

With the inverted triangle body shape, the bottom half is smaller than the top half and there is a distinct waist definition between the waist and the hips. For the shoulder line, it is simply straight and square. With the uneven distribution of the curves, the ideal Kurtis must help to create an illusion that the curves are more distributed, and this can be easily achieved by wearing the raglan sleeve Kurtis which you can find in stylecaret.

Again, with this body type, the ideal Kurtis should be able to define the waste, it should be flared so that it can fit the bust and it should also have a deep neckline to drive attention away from the large, broad shoulders. Depending on your height, longer Kurtis may be ideal only if they will not hug the hips. On pairing, Kurtis for this body type are well paired with layered lower such as Patiala or if you are going for short Kurtis, then long skirts will work well for the pairing.

But with or without the body shapes, it is imperative that you dress in a Kurtis which you will feel comfortable in. If you don’t mind so much about body types, don’t let yourself be sucked into unnecessary debates on what type of Kurtis is best for what type of body types. Ultimately, it is your comfort and your confidence that should dictate what you wear.

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