Getting wrong while getting beautiful

Tanned in "dalmatian" style, or squeezing a pimple?! Or maybe you have problems with sweat stains?! Don't go desperate! We have the cure!

Tanned in “dalmatian” style, or squeezing a pimple?! Or maybe you have problems with sweat stains?! Don’t go desperate! We have the cure!

Wrong: Tanned in Dalmatian style

Yeah, could happen to anyone, even those experimented, but don’t loose your temper!
If you missed some portions, so perfectly understandable when self tanning is colorless or white, there are some solutions for a uniform tanning.

What to do?

Cover the area with foundation cream and spread tanning powder to uniform color.

Later, when shower; remove easily with a sponge (loaf) to remove the darker parts.  Alternatively, you can apply a scrub with bamboo powder, so you get rid of the excessive “sun.”
Next time choose a colored self tanning so you will easily see any uncovered area. And apply the product standing in front of a high mirror as to have an overview of the body, from head to foot.

Did you put the mind with a pimple?

It appeared on your face: a beautiful pimple! And you, instead of leaving it alone, you “assaulted” it, making it looks even worse and latening its cure.

What should you do?

Wrap a cube of ice in a piece of gauze and press the pimple for about 15 seconds. Get back and then repeat 3 times, to get rid of swellings. When you see it retired, cover with a green corrector. Clean the area with a cleaning product, and then cover with a foundation cream that does not charge your skin.
In the future, before acting, just wait a day more. If you find it difficult to resist, remove it carefully since gone out after a shower or after you wash your face with warm water. When pores are more dilated and the skin is more elastic.

Stains, oh no!

Your dress is sexy and much molded, right for the party, but it lets out not only your undulating forms, but your spots of sweat. Uh, awful. Wetlands in the armpit become distasteful visible on fine silk or jersey. And if the dress is very tight, then you have all the chances to wake up with a big sweat stain.

What to do?

Find a bathroom, go to straight to the hand dryer or hide yourself somewhere and tampon both dress and skin with a paper napkin. So, will absorb the excess moisture. If you have a shawl cover your shoulders with it leaving edges fall in front as to hide the areas with problems.
Next, before dressing up, take care to use an antiperspirant that has real effect. Also, wear a cotton bra which absorbs sweat. A good option is to hold a mini antiperspirant in your purse which you will apply every time you get a chance.

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