Fun vs Formal Fashion Trends of 2018

Fashion is more than an art form some might say, it is a philosophy, and in many ways can be seen as social commentary. That's why every year has its trends and 2018 is no different. As with everything fashion, trends can either be fun and casual or they can be more formal. Trends can range from fun tees and fanny packs to more formal looks for more professional occasions.

Women’s Suits

Fashion is a means of social commentary. A great example of this is the advent of the women’s suit trend. The world has become more and more empowering for women. Who can forget 2017 and the social activism that characterized the year? The year 2018 is still following in those footsteps with formal trends like the women’s suit. This trend is another milestone as trends are moving to a more androgynous footing, where the suit is no longer menswear.  As the playing field becomes more even, our fashion is also showing this feminist edge.

“Nerd-Wear” Is In

The times when anyone wearing something geeky or nerdy was laughed at are for now gone, and for good reason. The excitement over the Marvel Universe, Star Wars, DC Movies, Harry Potter and the likes, have pulled geek and nerd culture to the forefront. This means that fun T-shirts with superheroes, wizards and funny comments from geek and nerd culture are more popular than ever. There is a side of nerd-wear called nerd-chic that goes past the t-shirt and goes into more formal circles. These can be combined with more formal attire to get a good grounded formal look.

Funny T-Shirts

T-shirts have become the new canvas for self-expression. They can have funny pictures, memes, or they can even be a riff on a well-known slogan. An example is a T-shirt with an upside down tick and the slogan: I just can’t do it. It’s both funny and aesthetically pleasing and that’s what fun t-shirts are all about these days. It is important to note that when appropriate, funny t-shirts can be a greatfashion trend and statement.


Ok I know what you are thinking. Velvet is too heavy to have as an all year-round fabric to wear. It is usually a winter and fall fashion trend. But hey, things are changing. This versatile fabric that is both elegant when worn formally and can be fun when you what to go a little more casual, is making waves in the summer fashion cycles. Velvet trends have people wearing neutral velvet blazers and slip dresses or camis. Yes, velvet has been re-imagined with lighter colors for the summer/spring months.

Riviera Style-French Girl Chic

What can I say? French girl chic is always in. The difference is, in 2018 it is more focused on the French Riviera and nautical look. Think subtle mariner stripes, feminine detailing, and minimalist lines. Whites and light blues dominate these, inspired by French styles. This trend gives you that “je ne sais quoi” element.

Everything Denim

The denim on denim look is a classic look that doesn’t seem ready to slow down. Can you imagine your wardrobe without at least one denim piece? Going full denim on denim is a look that can be difficult to pull off, but when pulled off right with the use of different washes, distressed details, different shades and patchwork styles it is a definite winner.

No matter your personal taste and style you will always find a fashion statement and trend that goes well with it. You just have to look. The year 2018 has brought some notable and stylish trends to follow. But we should always remember that every trend is the starting point. It is up to you to take that trend and make it your own with your own personal touches. Its all about creativity and individuality. Go out there and show your individuality with these fun and formal fashion trends of 2018.

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