For Your Eyes Only: A Newbie’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions

They say that the “Eyes are the windows to your soul”. Many believe that when you look at the person straight in the eye, you will feel and see how sincere they really are to you. You can also identify if they’re telling the truth or a lie. This situation is why women take care of their appearance, particularly when it comes to their eyelashes.

Most women spend a lot of time putting mascara on their eyelashes to make their eyes more dramatic, fierce, and bold. So, it’s a not a surprise that eyelash extensions have become popular in the recent years.

Eyelash extensions surely help you in becoming your eyes more attractive. On the contrary, have you ever thought about what you should know first before getting one to avoid pitfalls and accidents? Here are some.

What Are the Common Types of Eyelash Extensions?

There are three types of eyelash extensions. These are synthetic, mink, and sink. You may also select the length of the lashes which range from 6mm to 12mm. Once you have successfully chosen your desired length, apply it by using a specially formulated glue.

Does It Take Long to Apply Lash Extensions?

In most cases, application of lash extensions can last up to two hours. Maintenance is done through touch-ups which are ideal every three to four weeks. Some women also choose to have a half set of lashes because for a more dramatic effect.

Depending on the state of your natural lashes, you can either try a certain length of lash extensions. The application may vary if you have thin natural lash and go for the thickest and longer lash extensions.

Can I Go Blind When the Glue Gets in My Eyes?

Bear in mind that your eyes are both shut when lash extensions are applied; thus, no glue should get in. Also, make sure that the adhesive is safe and doesn’t contain any harmful substance that may harm your eyes.

Furthermore, you have to get a licensed person who is an expert at doing lash extensions because they know what to do. You won’t be blinded because they are professionals. They also know how to put the glue and the lashes most safely. You need to make sure that you close your eyes all the time when the application is on-going and always trust your technician.

Can Crying Affect the Application?

Yes, crying is a red flag and creates a big deal when applying eyelash extensions. If you feel a burning or discomfort, you have to talk to your technician. Immediately stop the application and consider what is causing the pain. When any pain or discomfort happens, it usually calls for a change of glue to avoid further irritation and allergic reaction. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting Lash Extensions?

People want to have a different kind of looks. Some even want to get a dramatic eye, but some may choose to have natural-looking lashes. Lashes can vary in prices depending on the type and length. The lighter and the more natural it looks, the more it will cost.

When Is the Time to Get Your Lashes Redone?

Typically, it takes six to eight weeks to have your full lash extensions to get redone. On the other hand, the growth of natural lashes depends on the hair growth of every individual; thus, light maintenance is observed every three to four weeks.

Should I Shower Right Away and What Products Should I Avoid?

Water can make the adhesive glue soft and may fall off easily. You have to keep away from it at least 12-48 hours after application. Once it gets exposed to water, the lashes may fall off.

Moreover, make-up removers and oil-based products are not allowed if it’s applied near the eye. Also, waterproof mascaras are prohibited since it’s hard to remove and can ruin your lash extensions and may even hurt your skin in the process.

What Happens to Natural Lashes?

Many people believe that when they put lash extensions, their natural lashes will fall off. This fact is simply not true. Eyelash extensions are safe and do not destroy your natural eyelashes when they are applied correctly and adequately.

Likewise, do not rub your eyes and pull out your extensions altogether because you may lose and damage your natural eyelash. It is also good to instruct your technician to apply the lashes correctly on individual natural lashes so they won’t fall out.


Ideally, eyelash extensions play a significant role in making one’s eyes more attractive and enticing. They add a dramatic effect which makes any person look more beautiful than they do.

If you are planning to have eyelash extensions, you can get it from certified professionals so you won’t have any troubles moving forward. Keep in mind, you can look beautiful and feel safe at the same time.

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