Five Secret Beauty Facts That Attract Our Partner

We struggle to find all sorts of things and inventions with which we can look better, sexier, slender... but we forget sometimes that the person sitting right next to us might love our simple beauty.
Male and female legs during a date

Let’s remind us how beautiful we really are and how much men really appreciate simple beauty… in fact, most of them don’t fall for glamorous make-up and fashion style in their daily lives.

So, Consider These 5 Secret Beauty Facts May Attract Our Partner

The Subtle Perfume

It is not as important as you may think to wear that expensive perfume every day, all day. You might have a special perfume for special occasions, but you must bear in mind that men love the subtle notes of your perfume more than they enjoy smelling the perfume from the moment you enter the room. It is pleasant to feel it only in the moment he is next to you.

Wearing Your Hair Disheveled

Although we all know that we want to look really great when meeting our guy, and we struggle to create a sophisticated hairdo, they love us with messy hairstyle. You know… like the one you have early in the morning, when you just woke up. Impress him by being more natural.

A Flare T-Shirt Better Than a Sexy Blouse

You would definitely wear only sexy clothes around him, in fact we all do that, proving how hot and sexy we can be, where, in their pretty little head, they would rather see us in a comfy T-shirt and boxers than wearing breath-taking (for real!) blouses.

Silky Skin

If you knew that having hairless legs, arms, forearms and so on is important, bear in mind that for men, a real important thing is to touch your silky skin, no matter where they touch. So, use scrub and special shower gels and after each bath use a moisturizing body lotion. Find out more beauty tips on how to get silky skin from our articles.

Natural Tan or Natural Skin Color, Rather Than Fake Tan

Well, this may or may not be true, but most men agree that a natural tan or a natural skin color, no matter the season is more appealing than a fake tan. So, if you really love latino skin color, avoid getting too much tan because it is less sexy than we consider it.

Go for Natural Beauty

Girls, let’s not forget to be more natural. Sometimes, we are allowed to take a break from this never-ending rush to be glamorous and gorgeous and our significant ones might even go better for this natural side of us. Be beautiful and natural!

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