How to Exfoliate Your Skin Properly

Do you exfoliate your skin? How often do you do that? What products do you use? What is the mechanism that you employ?
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Unfortunately, most of us have still not learnt the right technique to exfoliate the skin and hence are lagging behind in reaping the right benefits. I intend to teach you the right method which took me years to master.

Let’s start…

The Biggest Mistake

We scrub the face and forget about the body. It is our mistake which we realise only when the summers are about to set in. So exfoliate the whole body.

Here’s how one should do it.

First off, keep the right ingredients alongside:


  • An exfoliating skin cleanser
  • Loofah, body brush or exfoliating gloves
  • Pumice stone
  • Body lotion, face moisturizer

Directions to Use:

1. Tie your hair first with a headband or a hair tie.

2. Remove the makeup, if applied.

2. Brush your body with dry brush. You can use a loofah or exfoliating gloves, whatever is convenient for you. This should be done before stepping in for a shower. The purpose played by this activity is loosening of the skin. Once loose, it comes off easily. Start from the bottom (from the feet) and move upwards.

3. Get set to remove. Wet yourselves from top to bottom.

4. Got calluses and rough spots on the feet. Use a pumice stone to get rid of them. If that seems insufficient because of the amount of thickness you have, submerge them in a tub of warm water and a cup of milk for 30 minutes before you have to shower the body.

5. Now the real job. Take your best face exfoliator or the one that you use, on the gloves or loofah. Start from the soles of the feet. Move your hands in a circular motion and move upwards. Be gentle around the bikini area, it is quite sensitive there.

6. For the parts of the body you cannot reach easily like the back, use a body brush.

7. And then the face. Though you do it often and we are presuming that you are doing it well. Still, take care of the eyes. There are separate products for the face and the body. Use specially formulated for the face. Use only your hands on the face. Don’t forget your neck. It is equally important.

8. And finally, the part that has been doing the max job till now – your hands. They should be paid attention too.

9. Finally, wash your body with lukewarm water. If you can withstand, use cold water as cold as you can bear, after the lukewarm water rinse. This would close the pores that have opened up during the exfoliation process.

10. Don’t forget to moisturize. Apply a good one. Your face and body moisturizers should contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These ingredients continue to remove skin even after and make it look good. This hydration process is important as exfoliation is drying in nature.

The best part is that the exfoliation process helps the moisturizer go deep inside, making the skin soft and supple.


Beauty Tips to Make Exfoliation Effective:

  • Do not over exfoliate. This will make your skin sensitive.
  • Avoid steam and sauna after exfoliation
  • Move your hands in circular motion
  • Don’t exfoliate if your skin is in a compromised state – sunburns or any cuts or wounds.

Aliceie Rodriquez

Aliceie Rodriquez is a skin expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs. In her free time she loves to travel, fashion shows and music.

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