Contact lens: how to wear them

Contact lenses are very fashionable and can help you make a radical change of look.
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Contact lenses are very fashionable and can help you make a radical change of look. Even if they can seem easy to use, lenses require special care. In order not to encounter problems or complications, there are certain steps that must be followed rigorously.


Choose a shade that matches your eyes. A very light color, blue or green, is not recommended for eyes with natural dark color.


There are lenses that you can have for a whole month (soft lenses), 3 months, or even a year (hard lenses). You have to take good care of their validity period. If the deadline has expired, there is risk of eye inflammation.

The maintenance

On purchase you will receive lenses and a cleaning solution. It must be changed every day, or 2-3 days, depending on how often you use them.


Wash your hands before you put / get them down.


First it will be difficult for you to apply them, but once you learned the move that suites you best you will see it as a piece of cake.

You always have to wear the storage box (for emergencies). Be careful though not to abuse them. It is advisable NOT to wear when you sleep, at the pool or beach.

What problems did you encounter on wearing contact lenses?

Please comment about those problems below.. your comments may help someone like you.

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