Brush or Beauty Blender?

Girls, our foundation has to be perfect! We can’t do that with our hands, because it’s not very good for your skin, so we have to use something. Let’s find out what!
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So, I would like to say that I have an easy life as a girl, but let’s be serious, it’s pretty hard! Especially when it comes to makeup there is a lot of stuff to do. The most important thing is the foundation, because it’s the base to our makeup. We can’t apply foundation with our hands, because it’s really not good for our skin, and it can cause acne. The perfect way is to use a brush or a beauty blender. Which person are you? Personally, I am a brush person!

Let’s Find Out What Is the Foundation Tool of Choice for Your face!




This is classic. You are used to the basic foundation brush. It’s so simple and comfortable, and it can make your face beautiful! Using makeup brushes not only gives your foundation a flawless finish, it also keeps all the oils and bacteria from your fingers from clogging up your pores. Make sure that your brushes are clean, of course. the brush allowed to build up coverage where you need the most.


Beauty Blender

The beauty blender gives great coverage without the product waste and mess of your everyday wedge sponge. Plus, it’s very easy to use. Run your beauty blender sponge under the water, and then squeeze it to wring out the excess, then put some foundation on it, and you can start to do your makeup.

This one can make your face flawless, but it will be little less covering all your blemishes. If you want to have a very natural look, you will definitely use this! I will give you a tip: if you have freckles, use a beauty blender, because it will not cover them completely.


So, as a conclusion, if you want more coverage, use a foundation brush. But it you you want a very natural look, use a beauty blender! They both are very good, and I really hope that you won’t use your fingers anymore for applying foundation.

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